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Thank you for considering Gibraltar College as your next place to study.

Our aim is to improve your life choices through our post 16 quality curriculum provision. Whether you wish to gain access to higher education or employment, we offer new and exciting qualifications to help you achieve your dreams.

Our highly dedicated team of professionals will help and support you throughout your educational journey, fostering wellbeing and personal growth, within a caring and positive learning environment. As an inclusive college, we value diversity, and promote tolerance and respect for others at all times.

Together, we will celebrate your efforts and achievements, wherever your starting point may be. Here, everyone matters.

We are proud to be the accreditation centre for UK’s main awarding bodies and professional institutes. Our full time qualifications range from academic, vocational and technical, allowing you to combine these and create a programme of study that suits your individual learning style and needs. We have an expert admissions and student services team, if you are unsure or undecided, who will help you find the right course for you.

I invite you to browse through our full time prospectus for September 2021 and look forward to welcoming you, should you decide to join us.

Michelle Soiza


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Message from our Student Representatives

Kaydan Migge & Laura Sene

“The College is a great place as it has helped me mature in many ways and learn to take responsibility of not only college related things but also outside of it. It is a friendly environment and has a friendly team of teachers who are always available to help at all times” – Kaydan Migge

“College has opened doors for me that I didn’t think could be opened. At the college, you are treated as an adult, which helps to build your self-esteem and confidence as an individual. The teachers are always willing to help and want to see you succeed to the best of your ability” – Laura Sene

Our Staff