CodeMonkey Week Celebration-2021

Ugyen Academy, Khuruthang, Punakha, Bhutan

Brief History Our School:


Year of Establishment :2002

Name of Proprietor :Dasho Sonam Tobgyal Dorji

Class Range :VII to XII (all three streams offered)


Teacher Strength :47 (Nationals 42 Others 5)

Support Staff:32

Student Strength:1050 (2021: Re- School Profile)

Logo:Khen-Lop Choesum

Colour (Official):Red & Yellow

Area:9.8 acres

Location:The school is located between Khuruthang Middle Secondary School and Khuruthang Town that which is 4KM before reaching Punakha Dzong

Ugyen Academy opened on 3rd April 2002 with 154 students. It started as a pet project of Hon’ble Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji and Yum Thinley Choden. It was a wish fulfilled for the local people and a hope for the students who did not meet the government cut off point. The school made steady progress and the enrollment rose year by year.

Today, it is the first and only authentic international school in the Kingdom, where wholesome education is offered in a state-of-the-art setting. There are students from Thailand, India and South Korea studying regular classes. The School is second to none in the exciting possibilities it has with the most modern facilities on campus and a faculty rich in talent and experience. For effective teaching and learning the strength of our classes will not usually exceed 36 students. The academic facilities are designed to include a 100,000 volume library (with a special section on Bhutan), a separate refreance library and an E- library. The school also boasts of two IT labs with wireless facilitie and an audio visual lab to enhance learning.

In the present milieu with erosion of values and lowering of standards in most institutions, Ugyen Academy stands out as a school with strong value system and a code of conduct and discipline, which is based on mutual respect.Our restorative practic Responsible Thinking Room (RTR) and Peer Mediation help to build every student internally. We uphold our founder’s vision and stress on total development – head, hand and heart. Thus we are deeply committed in instilling in our students, positive traits like self discipline and social harmony that will lead to Gross National Happiness and Global Peace.

Yes, we are consistently maintaining our ranking in the list of top 10 performing schools (at both Middle Secondary and Higher Secondary Level) – excellence ladder. It is evident that we are second to none in the overall ranking for the secondary schools in Bhutan.

Students Engagement in the interactive platform
Students Accessing to game creation courses

CodeMonkey Background

A caption about what event attendees can expect

CodeMonkey is a fun and educational game-based environment where kids learn to code without any prior experience. After completing CodeMonkey's award-winning coding courses, kids will be able to navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

The CodeMonkey Inauguration and past event

HM The King

Thank you

Your Majesty for the Royal Soelra

Dasho Sonam Tobgay Dorji

Thank you Proprietor for the continued support in making the implementation of codemonkey successful in the school.

Dasho Norbu Gyaltshen

Our Principal, an Inspirational true leader, the Keynote speaker for the inauguration of codemonkey in the school.

[Mr. D.R Kharka]

Vice Principal and Advisor 1

[Mr. Maita Raj Subba]

Vice Principal and Advisor 2

[Mr. Kumar Pradhan]

Head of the Department- Commerce

[Mr. Prakash Chhetri]

Head of the Department- UA School of Science

[CodeMonkey School Admin1]

Mr. Tashi Phuntsho looks after the codemonkey activities .

[CodeMonkey School Admin2]

Mr. Sonam Tobgyal looks after the codemonkey activities .

[CodeMonkey Teacher]

Mr. Lal Bdr. Subba looks after the codemonkey activities .

[Technical Advisor]

Mr. Sanjeev Kr. Pradhan looks after the computer hardware

CodeMonkey week Celebration 2021 and detailed event list

Ugyen Academy will be observing the codemonkey week as directed by the Ministry of Education. Unlike other schools around the country we will be celebrating virtually as our students are on vacation, And we have found out from the survey that 80% of our student are equipped with laptop or tablet at home. For the detailed event list and the activities please find below.

And for the report of, use of codemonkey platform till date can be found here

CodeMonkey week Celebration in the school (10/12/21 to 16/12/21)


CodeMonkey is a leading coding platform for children. Through its award-winning courses, millions of students learn how to code in real programming languages. CodeMonkey offers an engaging and enjoyable curriculum for schools, after-school clubs and camps as well as self-paced online courses to learn coding at home.


  1. Our students of class VII, VIII, IX ,X XI and XII will be asked to clear the challenges at home starting 10/12/21.

  2. Before the start of codemonkey week there will be virtual meeting held with our students via zoom to share the important information.

  3. Students profile will be checked to see how many challenges the students are completing within the said week.

  4. Since our students are firstly given the fundamentals of coding via codemonkey courses named: Coding adventure I,II and III. And too our students are also introduce to game creation platform in codemonkey: such as Platformer, Frogger and Sprite Animation. So students will be asked to make their own game using the game builder platform. And will be accessed considering the rubrics found here

  5. There will also be award for those creators and too who have managed to solved the most number of challenges.

  6. The award ceremony will take place on 17th December 2021 coinciding with the 114th National Day Celebration.

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