Why Monnica?

  • With service to our members in the forefront, my skill, ability, and strong teamwork ethic will allow me to immediately contribute to the work of the board and advocate for you...our members worldwide!

  • Together we can all be a part of the innovation that propels Toastmasters International into the next 100 years of providing programs that change lives! I truly believe I can add tremendous value.

  • Leadership skills learned in Toastmasters International have benefited many of us personally, professionally, and in the community. I have benefited and am eager to leverage my unique experiences, skills, and knowledge garnered while serving as Board President of a non-profit and on multiple Advisory Boards to contribute to discussions of the Toastmasters Board of Directors.

  • I have worked and strategized with leaders from around the world to collaborate on steps to make a difference. These strategic skills will contribute to Toastmasters Board discussions.


I see stronger leaders, a thriving education program, and growth of our organization, with members achieving what they set out to achieve when they joined. This is critical to the quality of our clubs, the sustainability of our programs, and to the longevity of Toastmasters International.

Together, we can move our organization forward as we work Towards a better Tomorrow!