Welcome to Elphinstone Primary School. 

We are: #TeamElphy. The wee school with the big heart!

Our Vision

Reaching our Full Potential

Our Values:

Kindness & Respect 

We respect that different people have different needs and care for them accordingly


We work together as a community to help every individual thrive, learn and succeed


We strive to do our best and reach our full potential 

At Elphinstone Primary School we strive to provide care and education of the highest quality through an inclusive, nurturing approach which fosters confidence and creativity.  We endeavour to deliver experiences that develop every child’s skills and talents and ensure they can achieve their full potential academically, emotionally and physically.  This is done in a safe, happy and motivating learning environment within a school that is truly at the heart of the community. 

Our school management team comprises of a Head Teacher and a Principal Teacher (Job Share).  In addition to our Class Teachers, we are supported by Classroom Assistants and an ASN Auxiliary.   In the nursery we have a  Senior Early Years Practitioner, and part time Early Years Practitioners. Specialist teaching within the school comprises of PE on Thursday mornings.  Instruction in brass is also optional .  Administrative and facilities staff contribute to the smooth running of our school. 

Should you have any questions or wish to chat about anything relating to our school, please email admin@elphinstone.elcschool.org.uk or call on 01875 610 358 or arrange an appointment at the office.

Best wishes

Steven McBride
Head Teacher