Recycling of bioproducts


The course 477125S Recycling of Bioproducts (5 ECTS cr) is part of master level studies specialized in Bioproduct Technology in the field of Process Engineering at the University of Oulu. This course is lectured in English every year during spring period 3. Lectures are given by professors and researchers from the Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit and some by visiting lectures from the industry.

Course includes:

    • Reuse, recycling and energy utilization of bioproduct and side streams of bioproduct industry in accordance with waste hierarchy
    • Process concepts and unit processes in recycling and reusing of bioproducts including wood products, paper and board products, biocomposites and side streams
    • The utilization and final disposal of residuals from bioenergy production
    • Analysis procedures to assess raw material utilization potential

Upon completion of the course, a student should be able to recognize the incentives for the recycling of bioproducts and waste streams from bioproduct industry. Student identifies collection and recovering systems, recovered material properties and their impact on processing, principles unit processes and processing with respect to final product requirement. A student should be able to identify the unit operations of required processing and explain their key operational principles and also the function of the most important chemicals. A student can also perceive the importance of life-cycle assessment and recyclability properties design in both R&D and production stages of bioproducts, including the significance of bioenergy production as a part of bioproduct recycling.

Students of University of Oulu who are interested in bioeconomy can register to the course in WebOodi.

Course's main site is in Optima learning environment (sign in with university account) for students registered on the course.