KIS Technology

Augmented Reality Sandbox as a part of our KIS Maker Space in support of the learning of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Video Credit: @KISbangkok

The increasing use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the world today makes confident, creative and productive use of ICT as an essential skill for life. At KIS, students and staff use ICT as a tool to enrich and extend their learning and teaching purposefully, safely and responsibly across the whole curriculum.

All aspects of learning and teaching at KIS are supported by our online learning management system and an extensive range of digital resources. Technology is being used in many different ways across the school, online and off-campus, which includes but not limited to work on their IB coursework, record their learning on iPads via Seesaw, practice Math on IXL, explore Science through iPads, access various digital books/journals via Reading A-Z and/or our Digital Library Catalog (KOHA), compose music using industry standard software, use data logging equipment in Science, etc.


  1. ICT in Teaching and Learning
    • Provide a creative and inspirational learning environment to support and facilitate the development of the programmes and fulfillment of the mission
    • Be innovative in our approach to further developing creativity and design across the programmes and throughout the school
  2. ICT in Operational System
    • Provide operational support tools for the staff, students and parents of the school
    • Support the administration and operation of the school
  3. ICT in Access to Teaching and Learning
    • Ensure that the programmes are able to support and meet the needs of students

ICT Domains

The following domains are considered to be included with the scope of ICT at KIS

  1. Network and Internet Access
  2. Application Development and Support
  3. Access Platforms (desktops, laptops, mobile devices etc)
  4. Printing Services
  5. Office and Operation Applications
  6. Information System and School Database
  7. Cyber and Digital Safety
  8. Information and Document Repository
  9. Security, Disaster Recovery and Backup
  10. User Service Desk (Help Desk)
  11. New Technology Assessment and Innovation
  12. e-teaching and e-learning
  13. CPD

Platform and Tools

ICT at KIS has operated on the cross-platforms: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome. We provide multiple devices, such as desktop, laptop, iPad, iPod, Chromebook, etc, for teaching, learning, research, classroom and administrative support. Technical support and assistance will be provided where and when required.

Technology tools and equipment have been provided to both teachers and students school wide to enhance effective and efficient teaching and learning, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills. Teachers have school-issued Chromebook and/or iPad. All classrooms are equipped with at least one desktop computer, projector, Apple TV, switcher, vdo splitter, speakers and a Wi-Fi access point. Students from Grade 6 - Grade 12 have brought their own laptops to register on a school Wi-Fi network. Grade 5 can bring in their laptops to work on their Exhibition project.

Alongside with our cross-platforms and multiple devices offered, GSuite for Education is also provided as an integrated, cloud-based communication, collaboration and creation tool. It includes a collection of applications that work together seamlessly in a cloud-based environment, allowing users to share and access files anywhere, anytime and on any device over the internet. Our school strength in Open Source system allow us the flexibility to adjust the system to serve our needs.

To enhance our school management and operation, various technologies have been provided which include but not limited to iSAMS for the main school database of students, parents and staff, Open Apply for Admissions communication channel, analytic tool and database of all enquiries until enrollment, ManageBac for the student’s academic record, sTrackS for school entrance and attendance record, etc