Volunteer your time and understand the benefits of this service to the community.

Voluntary Service is all about making a difference to others’ lives. Perhaps you’re interested in animals or conservation? Or you want to raise money for a cause that means a lot to you?

From coaching a local football team to starting a recycling campaign, you’ll give up your time to help others and change things for the better.

It’s extremely rewarding, and it can also give you the chance to experience the world of work.

Examples of Voluntary Service:

  • Visiting and supporting people in need, such as the elderly, or those with disabilities
  • Volunteering at a hospital, library, vet, or community home
  • Sports coaching
  • Charity & conservation work
  • More specialised training such as life saving, first aid or rescue services

Benefits of Voluntary Service:

  • Learning patience, tolerance, and compassion
  • Overcoming ignorance, prejudice, apathy, and fear
  • Increasing awareness of the needs and problems of others
  • Exploring and improving interpersonal skills and self-development skills
  • Enhancing leadership qualities
  • Making a real difference to the lives of others
  • Meeting new people from different backgrounds
  • Forming a lifelong habit of community involvement
  • Enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction in helping others
  • Being able to relate to others from different generations