Shifting our Mathematical and Technological Mindsets for LIFT OFF in the Classroom!

Welcome to your mission control! This is a unique professional development experience that puts you in the captain's seat of where, when, and how you will learn. We have 6 missions for you to complete. Each mission will help you explore the content and pedagogy of our mathematics program of study with intentional and integrated use of technology. Our Infinity and Beyond Site will help you explore the endless possibilities of learning with the infinite connection between technology and math. Technology elevates and transforms the possibility of learning in mathematics. Before you begin your missions be sure to explore our preflight checklist!

Digital Portfolios

Collecting Data with Forms, Flipgrids, and Green Screen

Robotics, Stop Motion, and Problem Solving Templates

Creating Hyperdocs and Math Posters

Visuals and Manipulatives

Math Conversations with Google Slides, Padlets, and Estimation 180