English Language Arts Grade 8

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year at GMS!

Course Overview 2018-19

Here is a link to the WA State Common Core Standards for English Language Arts:

Agenda Items:

Thur 11/15: Peer share of Illustrated Hero's Journey Narrative

Wed 11/14: SBA Practice test, Reading Literature; Illustration DUE

Tue 11/13: Student Growth Goal Setting; HW: Complete Illustration

Fri 11/9: Final DUE; HW: Work on Illustration (Due Wed. 11/14)

Thu 11/8: Final Draft Work

Wed 11/7: Final Draft Work

Tue 11/6: Final Day for Peer Edit

Mon 11/5: Peer Feedback groups for peer edit; Revision

Fri 11/2: Peer Edit; Revision

Thu 11/1: Revise for sensory details and figurative language

Wed 10/31: Complete draft; HW: ZINC article, vocab, and quiz: "Letter to My Younger Self" - DUE Friday

Tue 10/30: First draft write; HW: work on draft

Mon 10/29: Rules of Dialogue; HW: Dialogue Rules (read the handout)

**REMINDER: SpringBoard is available online through student Portals and may be accessed remotely anytime**

Thu/Fri 10/25 & 10/26: Drafting the Hero's Journey. HW: Catch up if necessary

Wed 10/24: All stages of the student's Hero's Journey should be outlined on the plot diagram and checked off in the grade book. Begin typing first draft. HW: Catch up if necessary.

Mon/Tue 10/22 & 10/23: Hero's Journey Return; HW: Please catch up as narrative drafting begins Wednesday.

Fri 10/19: Hero's Journey Exposition, Departure, and Initiation Due End of Period (EOP); Weekend HW: catch up on what is missing.

Thu 10/18: Hero's Journey Initiation; No HW

Wed 10/17: Hero's Journey Departure; No HW

Tue 10/16: Hero's Journey Exposition; No HW

Mon 10/15: Hero's Journey Character Map and Conflict Map; No HW

Fri 10/12: Begin Hero's Journey Narrative Plot Diagram; No Weekend HW

Thu 10/11: HW Due; Plot Diagram for the Hero's Journey Archetype; No HW

Wed 10/10: Hero's Journey film analysis; HW: SpringBoard pgs. 13-15 Due 10/11

Tue 10/9: Hero's Journey Archetype; begin analysis through film; No HW

Fri 10/5: Hero's Journey Archetype; No Weekend HW

Thu 10/4: Essay Reflection, wrap-up; No HW

Wed 10/3: Final Draft Essay due End of Period; No HW

Tue 10/2: Revise Essay; HW: continue revision

Mon 10/1: Peer feedback groups; Practice giving rubric-specific feedback

Fri 9/28: Complete full draft

Thur 9/27: Essay Main Body P3, Conclusion; HW: Complete MB2 and MB3 if behind

Wed 9/26: Essay Main Body P1, P2; HW: Complete Thesis and MB1 if behind

Tue 9/25: Essay Thesis development; No HW

Mon 9/24: Definition essay analysis; Hero Definition Essay THESIS

Fri 9/21: Transitions and Quotations; Analyze Definition Essay exemplars; No Weekend Homework

Thur 9/20: Transitions and Quotations; No HW

Wed 9/19: Strategies of Definition (Function, Example, Definition); No HW

Tue 9/18: Complete ZINC; Continue SB Act 1.12 (paired texts; definition by example); Link to "O Captain! My Captain!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSAymj4hp7Y ; No HW unless not finished with ZINC assignments

Mon 9/17: SpringBoard ZINC articles: informational and literary texts with accompanying vocabulary and comprehension quizzes (I have a guest teacher today); No HW

Fri 9/14: Intro: Strategies of Definition Activity 1.12; No HW

Thur 9/13: SB Activity 1.11 Continued: TP-CASTT process for analyzing literary text ("A Man"); Informational text analysis ("Soldier Home After Losing his Leg in Afghanistan") No HW

Wed 9/12: SB Activity 1.11 Physical and Emotional Challenges (portrayed in literary and informational texts)

Tue 9/11: Video and discussion on everyday heroes of 9/11 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDOrzF7B2Kg&t=53s; Nuance of Tone wrap-up; No HW

Mon 9/10: Continue the discussion and group work of Nuance of Tone; Complete Act. 1.10; No HW

Fri 9/7: The Nuance of Tone - recognizing tone to understand the author's purpose (Activity 1.10 in SB text); No Weekend Homework, except to rest and prepare for the reading and math diagnostic tests beginning next week. :)

Thur 9/6: Complete Hero Definition Essay Intro; Compare/Contrast different essay types; No HW

Wed 9/5: Hero Illustration DUE; Intro to Hero Definition Essay; No HW

Tue 9/4: Hero Illustration; Intro to Unit 1 skills (Chat Stations); HW: Hero Illustration DUE Tue. 9/5

Friday 8/31: What is a Hero? Timed write, video, visual representation of HERO. No Weekend Homework.

Thursday 8/30: Students, please show the course overview to your parent; initials due Tuesday, Sept. 4th