7th Grade Washington State History

Welcome to 7th Grade Washington State History

Seventh grade social studies is a year long class focusing on turning our seventh grade students in to effective historians. While we will cover various cultures from North and South America the main focus will be on Washington State. We will begin with our unique geography and geology and progress all the way to modern times. The class will be engaging and will incorporate a wide variety of activities.

How To Access the Washington State History Book

These are the exact steps for accessing your student textbook online.

Step One: Google search "The Washington Journey".

Step Two: Select the topic that says "The Washington Journey (7th Grade) - Gibbs Smith Home". Click on it.

Step Three: On the right hand side of the screen you will see two boxes for username and password. For the username fill in 7wajstudent and for the password fill in student.

Step Four: Now just click on Student Edition on the left hand side and you are good to go. It is the exact book that you have in class but digital so everything is on this edition including the glossary.

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