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Mrs. Duncan's Music Room

Talent Show

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

1:10 PM

We've got TALENT!

Yes we do!!

Artondale Music Event Dates!

Here's all of the music dates for this year. Put them on your calendar. You won't want to miss any!

Veterans Day Assembly - Nov. 9 1:10-2:10

1st & 2nd Winter Program - Dec. 5 6:30pm

Intermediate Concert - Jan. 16 6:30pm

Kinder Music Night - Mar. 13 6:30pm

Talent Show - Apr. 10 1:10pm

Intermediate Instrument Show - June 5 10:30am

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Second Trimester Music Concepts 2018-2019.docx

Ask your student what musical skills they learned in this Trimester.