Advanced ELA

To access both the 8th grade and 9th grade SpringBoard books, as well as all SpringBoard Digital content, please log in through the PSD401 portal. Our first essay of the new trimester was due Friday, December 7th. Details on the Holocaust Center for Humanity contest is here:

Friday, 2/15/19

We concluded Activity 2.12.

Thursday, 2/14/19

2nd period: Activity 2.12

7th period: Activity 2.11

Monday through Wednesday: Snow Days

Friday, 2/8/19

2nd period: Activity 2.11

7th period: Class did not meet; early release for snow.

Thursday, 2/7/19

We unpacked the next Embedded Assessment.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 2/5/19 & 2/6/19


Friday, 2/1/19

We started presentations.

Thursday, 1/31/19

One group volunteered to present. We then critiqued their presentation.

Thursday, 1/24/19 through Wednesday, 1/30/19

Student groups had time to prepare the panel discussion presentation.

Wednesday, 1/23/19

We wrapped up Activity 3.11.

Tuesday, 1/22/19

Activity 3.11

Friday, 1/18/19

1. We discussed what the panel discussion will look like.

2. Literature Circle discussions; groups were encouraged to make note of any talking points they want to add to their panel discussion, and were provided with a graphic organizer for their panel.

Thursday, 1/17/19

We concluded activity 3.9.

Wednesday, 1/16/19

We began activity 3.9, in which we analyze how the movie "Life is Beautiful" develops the theme of finding the light in the darkness.

Tuesday, 1/15/19

We concluded activity 3.8.

Monday, 1/14/19

Activity 3.8, "Presenting Voices." When we read about the 6,000,000+ Jewish victims of the Holocaust, it can be hard to realize they were individual human beings, each with his or her own story.

Friday, 1/11/19

Literature Group discussions.

Thursday, 1/10/19

We continued with activity 3.7, "Exploring the Museum," focusing on practice presentations.

Wednesday, 1/9/19

We started activity 3.7, "Exploring the Museum." This is important 'practice' for the summative assessment, as students have the opportunity to conduct a practice presentation. Important: be prepared for this Friday's Literature Circle discussion!

Tuesday, 1/8/19

Activity 3.5, "Analyzing an Allegory." We analyzed Eve Buntings book Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust. In their lit circles, students then practiced a dramatic interpretation of a passage.

Monday, 1/7/19

"Making Thematic Connections" activity 3.4.

Friday, 1/4/19

"Understanding Literature Circle Discussions" activity 3.3.

Thursday, 1/3/19

"Dangerous Diction" How the Nazis used euphemisms.

Wednesday, 1/2/19

Students met with their literature circle groups, got their Holocaust novels, and began collaborating for their presentation (activity 3.2). As a group, they agreed to a reading goal for Friday's first discussion.

Tuesday, 12/18/18

1. We talked about the importance of being a good reader, and steps towards success students could follow.

2. Students received the iReady reading score results.

Monday, 12/17/18

We discussed our next unit. We looked over the skills and knowledge required, and reviewed the books available for the literature circles. Students had time to select their book and their group. Groups will check out their novel on January 2nd, and we will start the unit.

Friday, 12/14/18

1. iReady testing

2. Zinc vocabulary

Thursday, 12/13/18

1. iReady testing

2. Zinc

Wednesday, 12/12/18

1. iReady testing

2. Zinc

Tuesday, 12/11/18

iReady testing

Monday, 12/10/18

Zinc vocabulary

Monday, 12/3 through Friday, 12/7

Students have these days to write their narrative essay.

Friday, 11/30

1. We discussed the collaborative essays.

2. Students reflected on the process to help prepare for next week's essay.

3. As homework over the weekend, I want students to start thinking about their plot for their story.

Thursday, 11/29

Groups finished their collaborative essay.

Wednesday, 11/28

In their groups, students continued writing their collaborative essay.

Tuesday, 11/27

In their groups, students continued writing their collaborative essay.

Monday, 11/26

Student formed groups and worked on expanding our class produced plot to a short story.

Monday and Tuesday, 11/19 and 11/20

Smarter Balance IAB

Friday, 11/16

We continued with the workshop, getting to the class story outline.

Thursday, 11/15

We continued with our workshop.

Wednesday, 11/14

We began our next unit, the Narrative Writing workshop.

Tuesday, 11/13

Zinc: the new assignment relates to an article "Nothing Good Gets Away."

Band students! Tuesday, you will miss Zinc activities. A new assignment has been created, which you may do at any time before Wednesday: "Nothing Good Gets Away."

Friday, 11/9

Last class time to work on your essay, which is due today.

Thursday, 11/8

Time to work on your essay.

Wednesday, 11/7

Students had the period to work on their essay. They were reminded to take advantage of Revision Assistant for feedback.

Tuesday, 11/6

1. We discussed the importance of having a "claim" and having your claim direct your essay. You do not need to take the position taken by SpringBoard. I want to know what you think on this topic, and I will grade you on how well you create your argument.

2. Students had the rest of the period to work on their essay.

Monday, 11/5

1. We walked through the steps to use Turnitin Revision Assistant.

2. Students had the rest of the period to work on their essay.

Friday, 11/2

Students had the opportunity to analyze previously written essays to the same prompt, to further than

Wednesday, 10/31

Zinc activity

Tuesday, 10/30

We continued with activity 1.17.

Monday, 10/29

1. We concluded activity 1.16, and started 1.17 (we got as far as reading Robert Reich's speech).

Friday, 10/26 (7th period)/Thursday 10/25 (2nd period)

"Targeting your Audience" activity 1.16. We worked through the activity up through the first reading of the article "An Early Start on College."

Wednesday, 10/24

New Zinc vocabulary deck

Tuesday, 10/23 (7th period)/Monday 10/22 (2nd period)

We analyzed the speech we read Friday, concluding activity 1.15

Friday, 1019

From activity 1.15, we read President Obama's speech, answering the "Second Read" questions.

Thursday, 10/18

"Building an Argument" activity 1.14.

Wednesday, 10/17

We discussed the new Possibilities program, as Chrome books will be issued to students tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10/16

Preparing to Write an Argument (pages 64-65).

Monday, 10/15

We handed out the 9th grade text, and unpacked our next Embedded Assessment, the Argumentative Essay.

Friday, 10/12

Last day to work on essays. When finished, please amend your essay's title to include the word "Final."

Thursday, 10/11

Students had the period to work on their essay.

Wednesday, 10/10

Students had the period to work on their essay. Still not sure how to structure your essay? Review activity 2.2 starting on page 105 of the 8th grade textbook.

Tuesday, 10/9

Students had the period to start working on their essay.

Friday, 10/5

Word Challenge: Make up a word. Tell us what it means, where it comes from, and why you think it might stay in the language for a while

Thursday, 10/4

We continued with the poetry unit, working on Activity 3.

Wednesday, 10/3

We continued with the poetry unit, working on Activity 2.

Tuesday, 10/2

We continued with the poetry workshop, completing all activities with the first poem (page 43).

Monday, 10/1

1. We discussed the essays, and the process to resubmit your essay if you want to.

2. We started our next unit, poetry analysis.

Friday, 9/28/18

Students had to seek out peer feedback, make final revisions, and submit their essay.

Thursday, 9/27/18

Students had the period to work on their essay. They need to have a completed draft for class Friday.

Wednesday, 9/26/18

Students had the period to work on their essay.

Tuesday, 9/25/18

Students had the period to work on their essay.

Monday, 9/24/18

In order to gain a full understanding of the scoring guide used for our upcoming essay, in groups students scored previously published essays.

Friday, 9/21/18

Students read pages 123-158 (the end of the novel) using activity 2.9 as a guide. Students should have the novel finished by Monday.

Thursday, 9/20/18

We concluded activity 2.8 with small group collaborative discussions.

Wednesday, 9/19/18

Alongside conducting activity 2.8, "Navigating the Road of Trials," students read pages 88-123 of the novel to prepare for tomorrow's small group collaborative discussions. This section of the novel is important as it deals with Guy Montag's experience through his "Road of Trials," which is directly related to the essay prompt!

Tuesday, 9/18/18

We tackled activity 2.7, "A Shift in Perspective: Beginning the Adventure" looking at the steps in Montag's hero's journey as he goes through the first stage. Tomorrow we will start the next stage of his journey, as we read pages 88-123 in activity 2.8.

Monday, 9/17

Zinc: Students were assigned a vocabulary deck (Foundational Words) and an article (First Americans)

Friday, 9/14

1. We had a challenge to identify homographs

2. We discussed the laws in the society of F451.

3. Quick write: how would you function in a society that did not allow you to read books?

Thursday, 9/13

From activity 2.6 we read and discussed the article, "Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read."

Wednesday, 9/12

1. In a Socratic Seminar, we discussed pages 29-60 of the novel F451. This is an important passage as it is where Beatty explains to Montag how their society was established, including why they burn books.

2. We completed activity 2.5, which deals with conflicts Montag has with his society now that he is beginning his Road of Trials.

3. Students should read through to page 88 by Tuesday.

Tuesday, 9/11

1. We discussed examples of book burnings, book bans, and other forms used to prevent the free flow of ideas.

2. Students had some time to read through page 60 of the novel.

Monday, 9/10

In a Socratic Seminar we discussed the beginning of the novel (pages 1-28).

Friday, 9/7

To prepare for our Socratic Seminar on Monday, students read pages 1-28 in the novel, and answered the questions on pages 124-125 in the textbook.

Thursday, 9/6

Zinc Close Reading Workshop

Wednesday, 9/5

1. Students checked out their copy of the novel Fahrenheit 451.

2. We unpacked the embedded assessment.

Tuesday, 9/4

Socratic seminar to discuss the dystopian novels read over the summer, leading to our essential question: "To what extent can a perfect society exist?"

Friday, 8/31

1. We discussed the nature of intelligence, and the growth mind-set.

2. Students set individual growth goals for the school year.

3. Students self-identified skill sets, so that others may seek them out when they need help.

Thursday, 8/30

1. Getting to know you

2. Parent letter/class expectations. Parents, please sign and return the parent letter!

Wednesday, August 29

Getting to know each other and establishing a class community.