8th Grade Social Studies

The New Nation

Friday, 2/15/19

We concluded the Structured Academic Controversy.

Thursday, 2/14/19

3rd period: Continued on the the Lewis and Clark project.

6th period: Read pages 280-285 from Story of America, then started work on the Lewis and Clark Structured Academic Controversy. Instructions are in the packet, which you need to do any of the work.

Monday through Wednesday: Snow days

Friday, 2/8/19

3rd period: Read pages 280-285 from Story of America, then started work on the Lewis and Clark Structured Academic Controversy. Instructions are in the packet, which you need to do any of the work.

6th period did not meet due to the snow related early release.

Thursday, 2/7/19

Students had the period to write their short paper on the Louisiana Purchase answering our two essential questions: How and why did it happen, and was it Constitutional?

Wednesday, 2/6/19

The Louisiana Purchase, part 2.

Tuesday, 2/5/19

The Louisiana Purchase.

Friday, 2/1/19

McCulloch v. Madison essay (responding to the two essential questions on the last page of the handout).

Thursday, 1/31/19

McCulloch v. Maryland (handout)

Wednesday, 1/30/19

McCulloch v. Maryland (handout)

Tuesday, 1/29/19

1. Political parties (and how they relate to Howard Schultz)

2. Marbury v. Madison (handout)

Monday, 1/28/19

Jefferson, Hamilton, and the National Bank (chapter 10 section 2)

Thursday, 1/24/19

Friday Fun

Wednesday, 1/23/19

We concluded our GeoBee.

Tuesday, 1/22/19

We started our GeoBee

Friday, 1/18/19

1. Additional time for those who did not turn in their essay on the due date.

2. For everyone else, Friday Fun: an optical illusion, and riddle, and a challenge. How did what happened at the Cocoanut Grove change how our school was built? Then Geoguessr.

Thursday, 1/17/19

Students had the period to finish their essay, which was due the end of the period.

Wednesday, 1/16/19

Students started their essay in response to our essential question, how was the Constitution designed to prevent tyranny? The essay is due at the end of class tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1/15/19

We analyzed primary source documents to gain an understanding of how our Constitution was designed to prevent tyranny.

Monday, 1/14/19

1. What is tyranny?

2. How was the Constitution designed to prevent tyrants?

Friday, 1/11/19

We concluded our mock legislative session.

Thursday, 1/10/19

We continued with our mock legislature. Today was the last day to submit new proposals.

Wednesday, 1/9/19

We continued with our mock legislature.

Tuesday, 1/8/19

We began our Mock Congressional session.

Monday, 1/7/19

We prepared for our Mock Congressional session, which we will start tomorrow. Students need to have proposals for bills, and to decide if they want to caucus with the Democrats or Republicans.

Friday, 1/4/19

Friday Fun: edible cutlery

We went over the Bill of Rights Bingo answers.

Thursday, 1/3/19

Bill of Rights Bingo

Wednesday, 1/2/19

Paraphrasing and prioritizing the Bill of Rights.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 12/18 & 19/18

Students had time to work on their essay, which is due the end of class Wednesday.

Monday, 12/17/18

1. Last Socratic Seminar for the novel

2. Writing the essay

Friday, 12/14/18

1. Friday Fun: The puzzle mash-up, and the Airplane Riddle

2. Tine to read Animal Farm. You must have it completed by the start of class Monday.

Thursday, 12/13/18

Animal Farm Socratic Seminar

Wednesday, 12/12/18

Animal Farm; the purge trials

Tuesday, 12/11/18

Vocabulary exercises

Monday, 12/10/18

1. Friday Fun: the Seven Planets Riddle

2. Introducing Animal Farm; context.

Monday, 12/3 through Friday, 12/7

Students have these days to work on their Constitutional Search project.

Friday, 11/30

Friday Fun

Thursday, 11/29

We analyzed primary source documents to answer our essential question: Why did the Constitution allow slavery to continue, if the Declaration of Independence claimed that all men are created equal?

Wednesday, 11/28

1. We finished presentations

2. We read about the Constitution

Tuesday, 11/27

3rd period: We continued with presentations.

6th period: 1) We discussed proper elements of research (and fake news).

2) Geoguessr

Monday, 11/26

We continued with project presentations.

Monday and Tuesday, 11/19 and 11/20

Trimester Project presentations.

Friday, 11/16

The last opportunity in class to work on the Trimester project, which is due Monday.

Thursday, 11/15

We read chapter 8 section 3, focusing on the Great Compromise and the 3/5ths Compromise.

Wednesday, 11/14

1. We reviewed last Thursday's notes, and the Articles of Confederation, and made predictions about what problems we might expect.

2. We read chapter 8 section 2 to find out what problems the young nation did experience. This helped us understand why the Constitution starts off talking about "a more perfect Union" in the preamble.

Tuesday, 11/13

Today was project work time. You will also have time on Friday. The project is due next Monday.

Band Students! Tuesday you will miss Trimester Project time.

Friday, 11/9

1. Friday Fun

2. History and meaning of Veteran's Day

Thursday, 11/8

We read about the forming of American government during the War for Independence, as well as the Articles of Confederation. We are investigating why the Constitution refers to forming "a more perfect Union."

Wednesday, 11/7

The French King did decide to help the Americans as we know. However, that decision did help lead to the French Revolution in 1789.

Tuesday, 11/6

Studying cause and effect in historical decisions: Should the French king have agreed to help the American Patriots seek independence from Great Britain?

Monday, 11/5

Chapter 7, section 5, "Independence." We read to answer our essential questions: 1) Who beat the British, the Patriots, or the French? 2) Did the Patriot's belief in their cause make up for their lack of supplies?

Friday, 11/2

1. The Declaration of Independence workshop packet was due.

2. Project time

Thursday, 11/1

The last class time to work on the Declaration of Independence Close Reading Workshop.

Wednesday, 10/31

We continued with the workshop.

Tuesday, 10/30

We continued with the Declaration of Independence Close Reading Workshop, focusing on the meaning of the first two paragraphs of the Declaration.

Monday, 10/29

We continued with the Declaration of Independence Close Reading Workshop, focusing on the meaning of Locke's work.

Friday (6th period)/Thursday (3rd period)

1. Friday Fun: The Einstein Riddle (answer: the German in house four has the fish)

2. Project time

Wednesday, 10/24

We started the Declaration of Independence Close Reading Workshop.

Tuesday, 10/23 (6th period)/Monday 10/22 (2nd period)

Students submitted their chapter 7 assessment.

Friday, 10/19

Trimester project time. Students should have their scoring guide created by the end of the period.

Thursday, 10/18

Chapter 7, sections 1, 3, & 4.

Wednesday, 10/17

Chapter 7, sections 1, 3, & 4.

Tuesday, 10/16

Chapter 7, sections 1, 3, & 4. Students have the option to choose their assessment for this portion of the book:

  • Take a quiz
  • Create a poster
  • Create a video.

Students will have class time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, plus homework time. Due date is Monday of next week.

Monday, 10/15

Paul Revere's ride. We looked at both Longfellow's poem and a scholarly article. We then compared the two, and discussed reasons why Longfellow would have written the poem as he did.

Friday, 10/12

Project work time.

Thursday, 10/11

1. Yesterday's quiz was returned and discussed.

2. The Battle of Lexington; what really happened?

Wednesday, 10/10

Today we had the open notes quiz.

Tuesday, 10/9

Students had the period to prepare notes on chapter 6, sections 3 and 4, for tomorrow's open notes/closed book quiz.

Friday, 10/5

1. Friday Fun: Human powered flight, and a self correcting Rubic's Cube

2. Project time

Thursday, 10/4

We continued our investigation into the "Boston Massacre," watching the video from Unsolved History: https://www.schooltube.com/video/06b632000b724c8381f9/Unsolved%20History-%20Boston%20Massacre

Wednesday, 10/3

We began our investigation of the "Boston Massacre" with the essential question, "What really happened the night of March 5, 1770? We read page 172 from the textbook, looked at two images created after the even, and read two first person accounts of the event.

Tuesday, 10/2

The French and Indian War, and the Proclamation line of 1763. How did the Colonists go from being proud to be subjects of the king, to declaring their independence just 13 years later?

Monday, 10/1

1. We discussed the last RAT, and the option for a re-take.

2. "The Great Awakening"

Friday, 9/28/18

1. Chapter 4, section 4 RAT. Students will get one grade for either the section 3 or the section 4 RAT results, whichever was the better score.

2. Friday Fun: hydrotherapy for flamingos.

Thursday, 9/27/18

Project time.

Wednesday, 9/26/18

1. Students had the opportunity to ask any questions they had regarding the material in chapter 4, section 4.

2. As students will need to have an annotated bibliography for their project, we discussed in detail, with examples, how to create one.

Tuesday, 9/25/18

1. We went over Monday's RAT, examining why the correct answer was the correct answer.

2. Students read chapter four section 4 in preparation for the next RAT, this Friday.

Monday, 9/24/18

1. Chapter 4 section 3, "New England Colonies" RAT (Reading Assessment Test).

2. "King Phillip's War" assignment returns. We also discussed the procedure for re-takes.

Friday, 9/21/18

1. Friday Fun: "What does OK stand for?"

2. Primary source practice: The Salem Witch Trials

Thursday, 9/20/18

Students read chapter 4 section 3 (starting on page 103) from Call to Freedom.

Wednesday, 9/19/18

1. We discussed how to properly preview a text passage to enhance understanding.

2. We read about European colonies from the textbook

3. s their

Tuesday, 9/18/18

We analyzed primary source documents to consider the cause of King Phillip's War. This is a graded assignment.

Monday, 9/17

Students had the period to work on their project.

Friday, 9/14

1. Students submitted their proposal for their Social Studies project.

2. Logic Problem "Vacation Tales."

3. Friday fun: "Using Seawater and Sunlight to Grow Food."

4. Challenge: When they built the World Trade Center towers one and two, why did they build two 110 story buildings instead of one 220 story building?

Thursday, 9/13

1. We concluded our discussion of the Puritans.

2. Using primary source documents, we discussed what really happened; did Pocahontas really save John Smith's life?

Wednesday, 9/12

1. We mentioned an option for the social studies project. Details are here: www.studentcam.org

2. Primary Source documents on the Puritans.

Tuesday, 9/11

1. What happened 17 years ago today?

2. CAT election

3. Discussion about our upcoming social studies project.

Monday, 9/10

"Europeans Explore the New World" atlas worksheet.

Friday, 9/7

1. Friday Fun: The Fish Riddle

2. "Columbus to the Colonies" worksheet

Thursday, 9/6

1. We discussed yesterday's worksheet questions.

2. "Examining Passenger Lists" What can we learn from primary source documents?

Wednesday, 9/5

1. We concluded yesterday's activity, and discussed bias in historical texts.

2. "Mapping the New World" Bias in maps.

Tuesday, 9/4

To gain an understanding of why we see bias in historical accounts, we examined stories told by students as well as by family adults, looking at the same incident from their lives.

Friday, 8/31

1. Friday Fun; a video on Petra, Jordan

2. Bias assignment. Write a short version of an incident you experienced with a parental unit. Then have them write their version of the same incident. We will compare versions Tuesday in class.

3. Geoguessr

Thursday, 8/30

1. Getting to know Mr. Hall

2. Parent letter/class expectations. Parents, please sign and return the parent letter.

Wednesday, August 29

Getting to know each other and establishing a class community.