Blake Everhart

Blake was named the Technology Coordinator of the Indiana Migrant Education Program in June of 2014. Upon his hiring, he was able to assist in integrating a 1:1 initiative with all the migrant students in the state of Indiana. His visionary leadership has provoked the first ever pilot in which students will take the devices back to their home state in Florida and Texas, while keeping the students educational needs at the forefront. By identifying an online platform that is universal, and recognizing the need for students to see emerging technologies first hand, Blake played an integral role in the development of technology kits that use these emerging technologies to meet curricular and technology standards.

Andy Wallace

Andy is the Technology Specialist with the Indiana Migrant Education Program (IMEP). He has assisted in integrating a 1:1 iPad initiative with all the migrant students who travel to the state of Indiana. He has helped to lead the writing and implementation of a technology-based summer school curriculum for the IMEP and has helped to lead distance learning opportunities for these students when they return to their home states of Texas and Florida in order to keep them connected to learning opportunities not previously available to them prior to the technology implementation. He believes strongly in the power of play and its role in learning. His background is in Elementary Education and holds a Masters of Education. He is a Level 2 Certified Google Educator.