Every Student Has a Voice but Not Every Voice is Heard


Let's discuss how to use technology to amplify all student voices. We will explore multiple tools that can allow every student to be heard in the classroom and beyond.

Pear Deck

Go to the link above and wait to receive a join code from your teacher/presenter

Be Internet Awesome: Pear Deck + Google

New Chrome Extension: Pear Deck Power Up (Play video and GIFs in your presentations)

Equity Every Day: Each Student, Every Lesson - bit.ly/CAsummit18

Every Student, Every Day - bit.ly/Roseville18

Every Learner, Every Day - bit.ly/Virginia18

Google Slides

We Are Team California

If you like this idea, use this template: Identity Slide Deck

Google Slides: Interactive Poster

The interactive poster looks better as a stand alone webpage (We Are Roseville) rather than being embedded.

Not only is Flipgrid a great tool for formative assessment, it is an amazing tool to amplify student voice and feedback. Think about all the ways in which you can use this tool in your classroom.

Note: Microsoft has recently purchased Flipgrid. . .so they are giving premium accounts to teachers for free

Message to Parents Flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/521fd7

If Grid is locked, the super duper secret password is: Awesomesauce (capital A)

Answer garden is a very simply tool to generate feedback. It easy to access and has an engaging way to show the results of a brainstorm, question, or prompt. The responses are limited to 20 or 40 characters for ease of review.

Direct Link: Answer Garden

Book Creator

Adobe Spark Post for the Identity Project

Create posts, pages, and video. Connects with Google! Easy to use and awesome projects!

Sample Project: Vitality (Adobe Spark Videos)

Sample Project: Identity (Adobe Spark Pages)

The vitality website is a PBL unit culminating project for a group of incarcerated high school women who used the video feature of Spark. The graphic to the left was created as a post.

The Identity project was a PBL unit culminating project where the women used Pixlr to create identity portraits.


Soundtrap is an amazing Digital Audio Workshop. It is a lot like a web-based Garage Band. Even with the free account, the user has access to 5 tracks. You can also combine this with SoundCloud to host audio tracks. The samples below were recorded by high school students who were working on a PBL unit on courage. (note: The EDU version is only a 30-day trial. The private version should only be used by students 13 and older)

Example (If SoundCloud is blocked)

JCCS (Ma:Reflection on Courage) Sound.m4a