Who is the coach?

This is an identified person in a school who will be responsible for the Digital Coaching Project. EdTechTeam will be working closely with this person to develop their EdTech Coaching Skills.

In Primary Schools they are often the ICT Co-ordinator.

In Secondary Schools they are the person responsible for technology across the curriculum, which is often an Assistant Headteacher.

It is important that the person identified has a role which enables them to deliver on their targets in each coaching cycle. These targets are set by the coach and their school and must be signed off by a Headteacher to ensure they align with the school's own development plans.

Will they need time to complete this role?

They need to attend three institutes (one day each half term). In terms of time back in school this may vary depending on the focus of each cycle.

Can a school change the coach?

Yes - some schools vary this person, depending on their focus each term. We recommend the person who attends the face to face institute completes the coaching cycles for that term.