Digital Coaching Project

The Digital Coaching Project aims to support schools and their teachers in the UK to develop their use of technology to support teaching and learning. EdTechTeam supports digital coaches in each school, through mentoring and training and these coaches empower teachers to leverage technology in transformative ways with their students and beyond.


Schools identify a coach - a named person in school with responsibility for the Digital Coaching Project. This is often the ICT Co-ordinator or Digital Technology Lead in the school.


The coach attends our institutes (one each term) to increase their skill level, introduce new ideas and develop coaching plans for use in their school.


The coach, in consultation with their school, sets short term targets (usually in half term / 6 week cycles) to focus on back in school.


They meet online with their mentor, an expert with the skills to help them meet their targets - up to 6 times each year (one meeting per half term).