Unpacking the NEW Google Earth

"Google Maps is for finding your way. Google Earth is about getting lost."

Have you seen the NEW Google Earth? Bring your laptop or Chromebook and we'll explore how anyone can leverage Google Earth to enrich your content and show kids the world. We'll get hands-on and learn the easiest ways to get started with Google Earth while exploring all the new features. We'll also get a little geeky and explore some of the experimental features.

Warm Up: I'm Feeling Lucky!

Launch Pad - www.google.com/earth/education/

Knowledge Cards

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Fly to your location

Street View

2D / 3D

Reset View - Airplane

NAVIGATION Tips and Tricks:

SHIFT + Click - Pan and tilt

Paper Airplane - Reset to default

The Magic "N" - Reorient your Earth

Mini-Earth Navigation (bottom right)

Menus & Map Styles

Voyager: Explore The World

Demo: National Parks - Hawaii

Activity: Explore


My Places

Adding My Places

Show/Hide Place

Editing My Places

Duplicate List

Export KML/Import KML

Creating and Sharing Lists: KML and KMZ

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Enable KML file import (experimental)
  3. Volcano Sample: Click here
  4. Add to Drive or Download (look in the upper right).
  5. Go to My Places
  6. Import KML file
  7. Explore

Getting Geeky: Experimental Features

KML Imports

Create a KML with Google My Maps Activity | Click here!

  1. Draw a polygon around a state or country (ONLY 1 per person)
  2. Add a marker to a state or country and add a title, photo or description.
  3. Refresh your map occasionally...
  4. Export Entire Map to .KML (see image to right)

Geeky Extras: Tour Builder

Awesome Tour Builder by Josh Williams | http://geteach.com/tour


Official Google Blog: Google Earth Launch

EdTechTeam Google Earth Blog Post & Poster

Google Earth - How to upload Google Lit Trips - Eric Curts

Nat and Friends - Google Earth Explained

Earth Engine - Timelapse

Sample Activity

Activity: Where in the World: Did you Know?

  1. Use I'm Feeling Lucky
  2. Find a location you are interested in. Learn something new.
  3. Take a screenshot.
  4. Open is Google Slide Presentation: Where in the World
  5. Pick a slide, add your picture, add a did you know fact
  6. Check out the example or get creative.