About Angel

Angel Bradford

Innovation and Technology Coordinator at The Village School

Learning Technologies Teaching Fellow at Nord Anglia University

M.Ed. Instructional Technology Leadership

Google Certified Trainer and Educator

EdTech Presenter

Educational Realist, What's Nexter, Time Saver,

Gratitude Advocate, Non-Settler

Hey, teachers! I am a married mother of three grown children from Houston, Texas. I have been in education for eight years, but it didn't take me long to figure things out. Today's teacher's number one problem is...you guessed it...TIME. Between documentation, lesson plans, accommodations, behavior issues, potluck lunches (yes, I said it), and now...technology, it is a lot. It is. In my time coaching and presenting, I have found, more often than not, that teachers really do want to try...even the ones who don't seem like they do. But, who has time to catch up with technology? Who has the time to understand where and how it all fits in? Who has the time to find ways to create opportunities for true integration, versus random placement of technology tasks? YOU DO! With my help and a little education, support with organization, steps for set up, and a plan of action, you can do technology with your students...and you can do it well.

~Angel Bradford (EdTech Angel)