All speeches must be typed, 12 or 14 black font, 1.5 or 2.0 line spacing.

Share the rough draft with Mrs. Ford on Google Docs at mford@edsaugusta.com.

After she edits your speech with you, print 1 copy, and have one more on

note cards.

Include the following information:

*Why you are dressed the way you are; this information must

be added to your research; you must tell about the specific

person you are.

If you aren’t a specific person you still must completely explain

why you are dressed the way you are and give detailed information

*The state name, region, and how it got its nickname, name, etc.

*The state’s rank in land size and population compared to the

rest of the U.S.

*The order your state entered the union

*At least two important products produced in your state (this can be manufactured goods, farm products, natural resources, or even tourism)

*At least two very interesting or unusual trivia facts you have learned about your state

*Why someone would want to visit your state

*Your favorite thing you have learned about your state

(must be different from the unusual facts)

**Please note that although the students do write this detailed

speech about their state, the full speeches are not actually

delivered to all visitors at the fair.

The purpose of the speech is to help the students have the

important details about their state right on the tip of their tongue

as they are interacting with guests who visit their display.

We will be going over and practicing the speeches in class

the week before States Fair. Please encourage your student

to do the same at home with you.