Is homework assigned over the weekend?

No weekend homework is assigned unless a student wants to continue working on the upcoming week's lesson for Spelling or Wordly Wise. After States Fair research begins in January, students will likely want to work on some of the assigned research over the weekend.

What is the Accelerated Reading Requirement in Fourth Grade?

Although there are several specifically assigned novels, students are expected to independently read chapter books within their reading range.

Reading ranges are determined by STAR testing which is done in August. Semester goals for each student are determined after considering each student's individual STAR test results. Individual student goals are confidential.

In addition to free choice books, students are also required to take AR tests on the assigned class novels.

Students should have an AR book with them in all academic classes during the school day.

The specific goals will be set one semester at a time and may not be the same each semester. A 'dress down day' reward will be given to students who make the 1st semester goal during, or by the end of the first semester. Another 'dress down day' reward will be given for making the goal during, or by the end of the second semester. If a student makes their goal more than once during a specific semester the appropriate number of 'dress down days' will be given each time the goal is met.

Are there any changes in the EDS required Dress/Uniform Code this year?

Yes. Pay special attention to the outerwear description, requirements about logos, short and skirt lengths, and dress down day notations. Also note that navy pants/shorts/skirts have been added this year.

Are there websites that can help my student study?

Wordly Wise: www.wordlywise3000.com

Spelling: www.spellingcity.com

National Geography Bee: nationalgeographic.com/geobee

Grammar: http://www.eduplace.com/kids/hme/k_5/grammar/

Quizlet: www. quizlet.com Class Name: EDS4th

When do we find out what state we have for States Fair?

We will draw states in January, as soon as we return from Christmas break.