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10 ACT Prep tips, tricks, and strategies Watch this FIRST when preparing the ACT test. 9 minutes 57 seconds

ACT "Math" Prep: 21 Concepts to Review (Extended) 50 minute review of key math concepts to know for the Math section of the ACT

ACT "Math" Prep: Content part 1 4 minutes 10 seconds

ACT "Math" Prep: Content part 2 4 minutes 9 seconds

ACT "Reading" Prep: Reading Strategies part 1 How long is the reading section, and how do I read so much in so little time? Find out here . . . 31 minutes 13 seconds

ACT "Reading" Prep: Reading Strategies part 2 Question types, how to avoid trick answers, and more! 25 minutes 39 seconds

ACT "Writing" Prep: Example Essays 6 example essays that demonstrate the 6 different grading levels of the ACT essay

ACT "Writing" Prep: Step-by-Step Guide Video guide to writing an ACT essay. 16 minutes 3 seconds