Zoom Troubleshooting

This page provides a variety of ways to troubleshoot any problems that students have when joining Zoom meetings.

Note: There is not currently a way to update the Zoom App on Chromebooks. To ensure that Zoom is up to date, please check for Chrome Updates. Click here for directions on how to update Chrome.

Please use the Table of Contents on the left to navigate the resources on this page.

Step 1: Authorizing Zoom Account at Zoom.us

If your teachers are requiring Authentication on their meetings, you will need to log into your Zoom account!

Please watch the video tutorial to the right or follow the written directions below on how to authorize your Zoom account.

How to Authorize Your Zoom Account (video)

Authorizing Zoom Account at Zoom.us (written directions)

Step 1: Go to the website Zoom.us and click SIGN IN in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Click Sign in with Google

Step 3: The student will select their district email address from the pop up window.

Step 4: The student will enter their district password and then click next.

Step 5: Once the student is successful, they will see their email address listed under Sign-In Email on their Profile.

Step 2 : Close all Zoom tabs / windows before joining a meeting

When you join a Zoom Meeting, Chrome opens up a Zoom window / tab called "Launch Zoom Meeting" each time. (pictured below) Before joining a new Zoom meeting, close ALL tabs / windows that are currently open to Zoom.

Step 3 : Additional Steps for Connection Issues

If zoom is not connecting:

  1. Close Zoom

  2. Close all other programs, windows or tabs that you have open

  3. Restart Zoom

Still not Connecting?

  • The next step will be to remove the user profile (directions below)

Step 4: (After trying everything else) Remove the User Profile

To remove the student profile:

  1. On the Chromebook sign-in screen, select the profile you want to remove.

  2. Next to the profile name, select the Down arrow .

  3. Select Remove this user.

In the box that appears, select Remove this user.

Note: When you remove an account, it’s only removed from the Chromebook. The Google Account itself, including its data and settings, will still exist.

  1. To add the user again, click the Add Person button in the bottom of your Chromebook screen.


If the above information does not resolve the Zoom issue, you can email techsupport@edmonds15.org or call 425-431-1211 Monday through Friday between 8AM-4PM for login support.

Step 5: Zoom Support from Student Tech Support Team

If you continue to have trouble after completing the troubleshooting steps above, you can also connect with one of the tech team members in a zoom meeting to receive direct support.

They would be able to determine if it is a Chromebook issue. Please use the following link:

https://edmondsschools.zoom.us/my/esdtechsupport and passcode: 030727.

Tech Support Zoom hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM. Students will be placed in a waiting room and admitted to a private breakout room once one of our techs is available.

Unauthorized User Message

This message appears because the student logins into Zoom on the main screen with their email and password instead of selecting 'Sign In with Google'. If they select 'Sign In with Google' (as shown to the right) and then log in, the system knows they are authorized. They should not enter their login on top but instead select 'Sign in with Google' below the Sign In button.

If the above information does not resolve the Zoom issue, you can email techsupport@edmonds15.org or call 425-431-1211 Monday through Friday between 8AM-4PM for login support

Student Waiting Room Message

Student Waiting Room

  • If a student is in the Zoom Meeting waiting room it will look like the image pictured to the right:

If the image appears:

    1. Do not exit Zoom as this is the waiting room to the Zoom Meeting

    2. The students' teacher will allow them into the zoom meeting once it is confirmed they are in the class.

Black Screen when Sharing

Occasionally, students will see a black screen when the teacher is sharing their screen. We have not been able to pinpoint one cause of this issue. However, students who have followed the steps above to download the Zoom App and authorize their account at Zoom.us, seem to have more success.

Some additional steps that students can take are to: