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Distinguish Yourself as a Google-Certified Educator!

Earn your Google Educator certifications: Level 1 ($10 exam fee) and Level 2 ($25 exam fee) by working through the online learning modules, then completing the exams.

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Become An Apple Teacher (FREE)

Build your iPad skills by working through the Apple Teacher Starter Guides that teach you the basics regarding teaching and learning with the iPad.

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Kung Fu Canvas Course - Edmond Public Schools ONLY

Complete the registration link to be added to a self-paced course that will teach you everything you need to know about Canvas.

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Secondary (6-12) Online Teacher Chromebook Training

In order to check out their staff Chromebook, secondary teachers must complete a short online course to demonstrate understanding of Chrome, Chromebooks, and Google Drive Sharing Permissions.

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The STEM Teaching program is a suite of high-impact professional development courses designed for current or trainee STEM teachers in primary and secondary schools. The three online courses in the program have been developed by the National STEM Learning Centre to help you understand and use a variety of techniques more effectively - Assessment for Learning (AfL), Differentiating for Learning (DfL) and Managing Behaviour for Learning.

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Watch for the application windows to become part of a cohort.

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Learn, Create, Teach (a lesson to 15+ students), then Apply!

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"Take the world's best courses, online." Universities including UC Boulder and Stanford place many of their courses on Coursera. You can then audit them for free, or pay $50/month to enroll and earn certificates (not 'credits').

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"a learning platform with online classes taught by the world's best practitioners. Personalized, on-demand learning in design, photography, and more."

Learn from free courses in their catalog, or sign up for a minimal monthly fee.