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Description of Club:

Math Club is committed to helping us see the magic of math through a lot of amazing events; such as movie nights, Sudoku Contests, Math Conferences, Student Math League preparation sessions, student-led study sessions, special study sessions with our faculty advisor for final preparation, end of the quarter field trips, volunteering at a local Middle School, and more! We want to see the beauty of math together regardless of the classes we take, so any student at any level of math is most certainly welcome! :)

Club scope & objectives:

Math Club is for all students who are enthusiastic about Mathematics as well as those who would want more help see the beauty of Mathematics. The Math Club will help students become more acquainted with a community consisting of other like-minded students, have educational support, and find opportunities for activities and enrichment. Math Club members will help promote mathematics and STEM as a whole to our college and our greater community.

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