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Description of Club:

The Black Student Union strives to : Promote a culture of unity for black students, cultivate leaders, extend a hand of service, and set the standard of excellence in all of it's endeavors.

Club scope & objectives:

Build solidarity throughout the group and in the community, striving for a strong academic record, building and keeping record of volunteer services that serve different demographics of the community, and sharing and promoting the success of group members and the group goals.

About this page:

Research has shown that students that get involved in a group or a club while in college, tend to be more successful in the long run. Particularly in the black community there is a strong need for positive representation, as what we are exposed to in the media, and social media is designed to make us hate ourselves.

Today's generation spends so much time in virtual reality that they are missing some key components of living, such as human interaction, and a sense of belonging. The Black Student Union is reclaiming our time, by putting our cell phones down and stepping into action. When people feel like they belong, and they are welcome they perform better. When people are encouraged and uplifted they go further.

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