Teacher Bio

It has been my privilege to work at TECS for well over a decade as both a teacher and administrator. I earned my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of New England and Bachelors in English and French Education from BYU-Idaho. My experience also extends beyond the classroom as a published author and traveling keynote speaker.

And yet, my heart and passion resides within the walls of my classroom, teaching you amazing young students. I feel immense satisfaction daily interacting and leading each of you, you who I have the honor to teach. And yes, you'll hear me often say, "I don't have a job; I have a joy!"


Notes to Note

  • Tutoring is available before and after school most every day.
  • I encourage you to correct assignments (tests, classwork, homework) for half points back.
  • I generally keep grades up to date on a daily basis (ever heard of OCD?... uh... yeah.). With the exception of major writing assignments, you can mostly count on grades being current.
  • I strongly encourage your use of Google Classroom. There I'll post all assignments and due dates, which automatically show on your Google Calendar.

Mr. Cureton

Your Writing Sensei
nathan.cureton@edisoncs.org435.752.0123 x638TECS Room 41