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Welcome to Mr. Ford's Counseling Website

Hi friends! This picture was taken on the north shore of Aruba with my family where we vacationed this summer. Unlike the southern beaches that are tranquil and beautiful, this part of the island is rocky and rough with surf. I can't wait to hear how your summer was!


Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my website. I would like to give you an idea of who I am and what I do as a counselor at JMI. Although this is my second year at James Madison Intermediate, I have been counseling children and adolescents for almost 30 years in various capacities. I have been a Prevention Specialist, Drug and Alcohol Counselor for teens, Crisis Counseling at the high school level and this is my 18th year in Edison as a School Counselor with this being my 8th year at the elementary level.

I am available to help students deal with social, behavioral and personal problems by working with the students individually, in small groups or as an entire class. My goal is to help the students learn to make positive decisions and deal with problems before they worsen.

I am the Anti Bullying Specialist for James Madison Intermediate School. Bullying is taken very seriously here at JMI. I will be working with the students throughout the year to recognize bullying behaviors and what they can do to help stop bullying and address conflict. If you have any concerns about your child and bullying, please contact me or the Principal, Mrs. Abatemarco, as soon as possible. Please see the Anti- Bullying page for further information and resources as well as to access the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying reporting form.

I am also available to meet with parents should you have a concern about your child’s school experience. Please feel free to call me at (732) 452-2960 ext. #3 or email me to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to working together to help your child achieve excellence!