Permaculture Approach

We at Edible Earth Designs are focused on food, but we value a lot more, too - life is a balancing act. We spend time listening, educating , and collaborating with our clients - small businesses, homeowners and renters alike - to grow gardens that match their tastes, preferences and budget.

Edible Earth Designs is a full service landscaping company offering design and consultation services, installation, special site support to empower our clients, and regular maintenance scheduling - available weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly.

We work to incorporate fragrance and color and create spaces that are inviting and special while doing it with the coolest, and sometimes most rare and exotic, of plants. We also care for traditional ornamental landscapes, too, with Japanese, English, Mediterranean and Subtropical landscapes all well understood from a fine gardening and horticultural perspective.

We're here to build systems up - improve the carrying potential for a given site. Foundational in our approach to all our gardens is soil building, species selection, integrated pest management, and pruning/maintenance techniques, all of which can make or break any good design.

Whether you are interested in a garden redesign or looking to secure regular landscape maintenance, we bring the experience, care and attention to each garden and property we manage.

A short list of specialities:

  • Fine gardening and edible landscaping
  • Irrigation repair, annual checkups and water-efficient installations
  • Tree care and fruit tree pruning
  • Chicken, duck, rabbit coop custom-construction, with setup and support
  • Bee keeping with setup and support
  • Mushroom cultivation - for the, culinary man
  • Garden coaching and kitchen and meal planning
  • Custom compost unit construction and installation
  • Adobe and cob based multifunctional pieces
  • Graywater assessments, design, assistance with permitting and process, and installation
  • Pollinator friendly landscapes!
  • Sidewalk plantings!

We focus on what we're best at, and when necessary we work with other contractors to get the job done well. The above list is not exhaustive and we gladly take special requests.**

**Caveats: The one thing we do not work with are lawns. That and weed matting - but back to lawns. We value lawns for some purposes, but in general we're tired of the aesthetic and do not provide mowing services. We are happy to answer any questions on site about proper lawn maintenance, asses its health, and provide recommendations.

What we love is to help you transform your space into something beautiful and productive, whether your starting with weeds in a grassy lawn, a newly laid astro turf, or an expanse of red lava rock...and turn it into your garden oasis, butterfly heaven, hummingbird destination.

We are proud supporters of the #FoodNotLawns and #SlowFood movements, and hope to support other local businesses and promote local artists as we continue to grow in the community.

So grab your hori and shears - you're in for a ride