UPDATE! Thanks for being patient while we finished building our website! It's just about complete, rebuilt from scratch and with only one or two weird formatting issues on some mobile browsers, the meat and potatoes are up.

**PORTFOLIO section with Before/After shots of projects to come soon, for now please enjoy a sampling of photos over the years from landscape installs, maintenance, harvests, and home cooked meals with produce from the garden.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Edible Earth Designs is now in Los Angeles and San Francisco - and to celebrate we have some great deals going fast. If you're still reading this and haven't started clicking around already, check out our Promotions page and hit that Request a Consult button to enter the Promo Code.

The community connect section still needs work, and you can help! We're looking to work with the community at large on volunteer work days at community gardens and will happily promote your projects or volunteer schedule available to the general public in that section. Send us some details on community events and/or your thoughts on our new website - let us know if you spot any typos - and thanks checking us out. We hope you enjoy our pretty plants.