Seize all the "Goods" & Shop Local this Holiday Season

Seize all the "Goods" & Shop Local this Holiday Season

Buy Local, Shop Small, It Benefits All!

Coming Up This Weekend!

Market at the MarqE // Saturday, December 21st // 10am to 3pm

Shop Along the Creek // Saturday, December 21st // 11am to 4pm

Montrose Morning Market // Sunday, December 22nd // 10am to 2pm

Heights Morning Market // Sunday, December 22nd // 10am to 2pm


(Special Event) Magical Winter Wonderland at the MarqE

Friday, December 20th // 6pm to 9pm


You have an opportunity to turn the crazy madness into merry gladness this Holiday Season when you shop local. In the local market community we love to feel, do, give, support, and spread all the good!

We will explain how you can take part and join in all the goodness too - but first, The Outspoken Bean, has some beautiful words for you...

Gifts to Presents

The experience of being Can happen when You allow your being To weave through local shopping We experience That the heart That we have Can be shared Gifts to presentsWarmth not fromThe weather but By holidays In just a Day that adds Love to our Memories- The Outspoken Bean
Find the talented Outspoken Bean and get your own custom 5 Minute Poem at the Montrose Morning Market on Sunday, December 22nd.
Give the gift of personalized poetry and have your poem framed or professional etched - creating the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love.

Now on to more goodness...

Feel Good - Embrace this special season and enjoy the fun in shopping local.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden hassle. Instead, you can enjoy a stroll around a local market event, take in the good vibes from local musicians while you shop, and participate in the various feel good activities during the event. DIY crafts, complimentary massages, and brunch on the patio with friends and family - just to name a few - add to the joyous market experience.

The feel good shopping experience also includes building a relationship that often extends beyond that of being “just a customer." Meeting the makers, and having an intimate interaction, creates a positive and personalized shopping moment. Each local vendor has an extraordinary heartfelt story that fuels their small business. Every purchase you make encourages their continued passion and persistence that goes into making and creating their goods. When you support a local maker, you’re not just checking a name off of your gift giving list - you are also giving a gift of helping someone achieve their dream - and that feels good! Feel the Good!

Singer/Songwriter, Ivory Hecker, performing her original songs at Montrose Morning Market.
Massage Therapist, Joel Quezada, giving Batman a massage at the Montrose Morning Market.

Do Good - Contribute to helping the environment and give the Amazon guys a break by shopping local.

Flashback to years past, remember the trash cans full of cardboard boxes, plastic, and other shipping materials on the day after Christmas? We didn’t research the numbers here - but our educated guess is that there’s A LOT of unnecessary waste of natural resources going on - not to mention the toll that transporting these items takes on the environment.

Now we aren’t trying to put logistics companies out of business here, as they too, have their purpose - but maybe we can help give the Earth a break by cutting down on waste and reducing the carbon footprint created by the factors of purchasing elsewhere. Perhaps more good is also done by allowing a few more transportation company employees a chance to enjoy the holidays with their families. Do the Good!

Give Good - Impress upon the hearts of your friends and family with a meaningful gift by shopping local.

We all feel a little bit of pride when it comes to being a good gift giver and the feeling of victory when the recipient lights up with joy. With the variety of uncommon items you can find made by local vendors, success comes easy and your gift giving game ascends to the next level! There’s no need for gift receipts when you shop local!

The heart-made and one-of-a-kind items, created by real local people, aren’t like anything you can find on large retail website or in cookie cutter chain stores. Each market event features a variety of local vendors with quality, handmade goods for all kinds of kinds. You’re sure to satisfy your entire shopping list with the perfect match for everyone on your “nice” list. Give the Good!

🧘‍♀️ Give the gift of feeling good and looking good with a pair of Lamsri Harem Pants! Find them popped up this Saturday, December 21st at the Market at the MarqE from 10am to 3pm!
Give a gift that makes difference and gives real relief with Zeal Living's Solid Tungsten Schumann Resonance Bracelets - 7.83Hz. Learn about the endless benefits from the maker and try one on at Shop Along the Creek on Saturday, December 21st.

Food lovers, fashionistas, and even that one person that seems to have it all - you can find something for everyone at our local market events!

Support Good - Impact our community positively by shopping local.

When you keep your spending dollars in the community, you are directly contributing to our local economy. Likewise, more often than not, small local businesses are more likely to hire local employees and spend their own heart-earned money with other local businesses, keeping even more money in the community, and allowing all sorts of abundance go around.

Even more than that, many of our local vendors pass it on and spread the support themselves. Often you’ll discover that their small business beginnings were motivated in part by being able to further contribute a portion of their sales to non-profits, raising awareness, and benefitting important community causes. Support the good!

Spread Good - Inspire others by sharing your experience of shopping local.

While the local market scene is certainly growing fast, there’s still many who have not been exposed to the goodness local markets have to offer. When you shop local and share your own positive market experience - by sharing on social media, chatting with your friends, or simply giving a gift and telling the story of where it came from and the story behind it - it encourages others to try the experience out for themselves - as a more fulfilling alternative to chain stores.

Beyond the good times, the individual advantages to the shopper are many! From saving money on shipping, to learning about how to live a healthier lifestyle, and forging inspirational connections with the vendors who become your friends - the benefits are endless. Spread the Good!

Okay friends, we’ve tried to keep this message kinda short and super sweet, as we know you’ve got a long list of to-dos before the traveling, gift wrapping, entertaining relatives, and baking treats -- nevertheless we hope we’ve encouraged you of all the good that can generate and circulate -- shopping local is more than good - it's great!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the greatness that is our local market community! The last two years have been a whirlwind full of growing, learning, and consciousness expanding - both on the personal front and business side of things. I feel truly grateful for every person encountered along this wild ride that I call market life - you inspire me - and I am looking forward to continued collaborative community success moving in to the New Year!

This holiday season I encourage everyone to seek out any opportunity to shop local and participate in the goodness near you! Detailed information regarding our upcoming events is listed for you below. Hope to see you at a market event soon! Happy holidays y’all!

Thank you,

Jessica Ivins

Founder - Edgesetter Marketing & Events

December Local Shopping Events

Market at the MarqE - Every Saturday
When: Every Saturday
Time: 10am to 3pm
Location:Marq*E Entertainment Center 7620 Katy FreewayHouston, TX 77024
Shop Along the Creek - Special Holiday Date
Next Event:Saturday, December 21st
Location: Cedar Creek Cafe 1034 W. 20th St. Houston, TX 77008
Time: 11am to 4pm
Montrose Morning Market Indoor & Outdoors
When: Every Sunday
Location: 1248 West Gray & Hazel St. Time: 10am to 2pm
Heights Morning Market
When: Every Sunday
Location: 3106 White Oak Dr. Time: 10am to 2pm

Special Event

Get in the holiday spirit and join us for a magical winter wonderland! ❄️⛄⁠ Step inside a giant snow globe, ride a camel, and get your picture taken with Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty. Caroling will also be taking place all night long!

When: Friday, December 20th


Marq*E Entertainment Center

7620 Katy Freeway

Houston, TX 77024

Time: 6pm to 9pm


To Our Market Coordinators - Tony, Anna, Lexie, Ivory, & Haley - thank you for your gracious help, for putting your heart into making every event run as smooth as possible, and your assistance keeping me sane-ish - by reminding me in the times that I forget my own philosophy that - everything is always working out.

To Our Talented Vendors and Entertainers - You are wonderful! Thank you for the tremendous support, showing up week after week - rain or shine - with a smile on your face. You sharing your passion and gifts with the community is the most beautiful gift in itself.

To Our Location Partners - We greatly appreciate your partnership and sharing our vision in the essence of community collaboration. You sharing your space with us gives us a friendly and welcoming home to do what we do for ourselves and everyone else.

To Our Loyal Customers - Thank you for supporting your local community and our local vendors week after week. You enable the dreamers to live the dream and are an enlightening example to everyone around you.