Greenville Kindergarten

Kindergarten Teaching Assistant: Diane Carlsen

Mrs. Susan Byrne

Room 5

Ext. 2231

Mrs. Julie Coburn

Room 1

Ext. 2233

Ms. Lauren Redmerski

Room 8

Ext. 2226

Mrs. Lillie Younger

Room 3

Ext. 2232

Parent/Teacher Conference and

Guest Reader Sign Up

Please click on your child's teacher below to sign up for a parent/teacher conference and to be a guest reader in the classroom.

Mrs. Byrne

Mrs. Younger

Mrs. Coburn

Ms. Redmerski


You are invited to attend Greenville's Coffee Night for grades K-2 on Thursday Sept 14th at 7:00 pm. On this night your child’s teacher will briefly explain the kindergarten philosophy and curriculum at Greenville School.

We hope you can come!