This website is devoted to keeping the Edgemont community updated on the status of the capital project under consideration.

To date, the district has gathered information from a host of sources:

  • Thorough studies of current space utilization and enrollment trends have been conducted;

  • An examination of our Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan has been completed;

  • In-person forums and conversations with parents, community groups, faculty and staff took place earlier this year (2019-2020);

  • The entire community had the chance to respond to a survey and provide feedback regarding the district’s facilities needs;

  • A Middle-Level Learners study group was formed to explore best practices for this age group; faculty members who work with those grade levels offered input on middle grades via survey responses;

  • Consultations with architects and experts have commenced, and several renderings and proposals will soon be available on this website.

The district will update this site with reports, photos, videos, and status checks as they become available. Please check back frequently for updates and new information.

We perpetually strive to provide our students with experiences that reflect a standard of excellence that builds upon and exceeds that of the opportunities provided to the graduates preceding them.