Nurse's Notes

Parent Information

On September 26th, the Lion's Club came to DES and performed their annual vision screenings. If your child did not pass, you will receive a referral letter by October 12th. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at the number below. I will also be making follow up calls periodically. Your child's vision is important to us. If they are unable to see, they are unable to learn. If your child is not insured please call me and I will send home a gift certificate for FREE glasses. This does not apply to those that have Medicaid or private insurance.

Jo Ashley Jordan, RN @ (803) 275-1752.



Edgefield County School District offers Flu vaccines to all employees to help protect our students, faculty and staff. We have started to see cases of the Flu in our district and in the state. You can help stop the spread of the Flu virus by getting you and your child vaccinated. There are many businesses that now offer Flu vaccines.


· Land of Smiles will be visiting DES on October 12th. This is a fun, free service provided by Delta Dental. The Land of Smiles® educational touring program travels across South Carolina, teaching children in kindergarten through third grade how to take good care of their teeth. In this free program, Tooth Wizard helps kids learn how to brush, floss and use mouthwash to keep PlaqueMan away. Each year, the program visits more than 30,000 students across South Carolina.


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