Edgar Fabián Frías MFT

Hello! My name is Edgar.

I am so happy you are here and that you're ready for this next big step in your life. Starting counseling takes courage. I remember how challenging it felt when I first started going to counseling myself. Over time, I have come to learn that we all have the capacity to heal and that we heal best when we are in supportive relationships. Relationships where we feel safe to connect with ourselves and listen to our inner knowing and experience.

My counseling approach is collaborative, caring, and creative. I am ready to meet you, as you are, in the present moment, honoring your inherent resiliency and wisdom. I am here to provide you with support through life’s challenges and transitions, to encourage contemplation, compassion, and curiosity, and to provide you with new skills that will help you to lead a more authentic, integrated, and fulfilling life.

I offer counseling services to adult individuals and groups. My therapeutic framework is integrative and draws upon a variety of disciplines and traditions, incorporating mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, neurobiology, and creative practice, among other modalities and approaches.

I provide telehealth counseling for residents of California