Welcome to the Nest!

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Check out these videos! They are the Porquoi tales ECS students created after their time with Vermont Author Michael Caduto!

https://youtu.be/vUayJYiKZCU intro and grade 1

https://youtu.be/BmR6FNrEHj0 kindergarten

https://youtu.be/6l4W0BB3zh0 6th grade

https://youtu.be/CWALwXQgdnw grade 2

Want an eagle's eye view of what's happening in the nest?

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Welcome! My name is Audri Miller and I am proud to the be both an Eden resident and the librarian at our school! In addition to this position I am also a part time literacy specialist here. Outside of school I like to read of course but I also kayak, camp, hike and travel whenever I get the opportunity. However, no matter where in the world I go, I am always so glad to come home to Eden!

In June 2018 I traveled to Iceland. Here I am sitting on the rim of an extinct volcano with some glaciers in the background!

Q: When is the library open?

A: Monday-Friday 7:30-2:30

Q: How many items can I have out at a time?

A: Students and parents are allowed 2 items at a time.

Q: How long can items be checked out?

A: All items are originally checked out for 2 weeks, but can be renewed for another 2 weeks!