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EMI to IDEAS: 30 Years Later, Persisting in Challenging Times

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum


  • The Power of Storytelling as a Teaching Tool: Revealing Who We Are (Edward Walker)
  • From Columbus to Standing Rock: Micro-Aggressions Against First Nations – How Can Allies “Stand Up”? (Claudia Fox Tree & Elli Stern)
  • Enacting Systemic Change in Educational Institutions (Johnny Cole)
  • Using Action Research to Improve Your Instructional Practice (Paula Martin)
  • White Privilege: Are We Ready to Walk the Walk? (Jennifer Wolfrum)
  • Teaching Young Children About Bias, Diversity, and Social Justice (JoAnne Kazis)
  • Creating Connection: Strategies to Transform Difficult Moments into Connective Conversations (Amy Behrens)
  • Creating Culturally Responsive Classrooms: Acting with Equity and Teaching Inclusively (Dawn Shearer Coren)
  • From Pronouns to Alphabet Soup: Understanding and Creating Safety for LGBTQQIP2SAAA Youth (Xóchitl Kountz & Cheyenne Fox Tree)
  • That Awkward Moment: Identifying and Addressing Biased-Based Student Comments in School Settings (Johnny Cole & Doug Weinstock)
  • SEL: Creating safe and supportive communities for engaging students in challenging conversations (Jennifer Dirga & Kamilah Drummond)