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Did you miss our OPEN HOUSE for Future Grade 9s? 

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Register a Student for Grade 9

Step 1: Parents of students who are currently not registered in the Avon Maitland District School Board need to register them in person at SHDHS or pre-register online by clicking on the link to the left.

2023-24 Grade 8 Course Selection for Grade 9

Step 2: After completing the "pre-registration" online, parents of students who are currently not in grade 8 at SHDHS will also need to print and complete the form to the left and either email it to Lori Nesbitt ( or bring it into the school.  This form allows students to indicate their preference of Business or the Tech Rotation for their grade 9 year.

Students currently registered with AMDSB do not have to register. Students currently enrolled in grade 8 at SHDHS will complete their course selection on with the guidance counselors in the coming weeks.

Please email Lori Nesbitt at lori.nesbitt@ with any registration questions or call 519-235-0880.

Department Videos

Note: All parents should watch the Guidance/Student Services Video for information about course selection & registration.

**Click the on the Department Titles in order to be directed to videos from each department**
*Department heads can be emailed with any questions by clicking on their names below*

Acting Department Head - Eric Chisholm

Department Head - Melanie McCowan

Pathways Opportunities: 

Specialist High Skills Majors, OYAP & Dual Credits

Our Administration, Office Staff & School Council

Mr. Edward Havenga,

Mr. Richard Sumstad,

Kay Rathwell,
Head Secretary

Lori Nesbitt,
Guidance Secretary

Elizabeth Stuckless,
Attendance Secretary

Janice Stuckless,
Chair, School Council "The Loop"

Join "The Loop" Meetings

See our website & what we are up to on social media.

 Our Extra-Curriculars

Athletic Council

Teacher Advisor -Ryan Soldan
Bands (No linked content)Teacher Advisors - Denise Haines & Carolyn Regier


Teacher Advisor - Amanda Keller


(No linked content)Teacher Advisor - Becky Hoogenes

SHDHS Radio Station P97 - The Mix

Teacher Advisor - Paul Colbourne

Students' Council

Teacher Advisors - Heather Hawley & Katie Grant 


Saint Donat with Katie GrantAlso:BC with Tracy McLennan and Europe with Katie Grant and Paul Colbourne

Library / Book Club

Advisor - RuthAnne Osgood

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