ISSUE 4, 2021

Important Dates

Wednesday, 24 March - Harmony Day

Friday, 2 April - Good Friday, NO SCHOOL

There is no week 10 this term.


Hi Evatt Community,

After a positive start to the year we have now passed the halfway mark of Term 1! Children are learning and there is quality teaching happening across the school. Please read on to hear more about events happening in and around the school.

Swimming Carnival

Last Thursday we had our fantastic swimming carnival at Stromlo Leisure centre. It was a highly successful event, with students having the opportunity to enter competitive races, dry-land water activities, free water play, and the highly popular inflatable obstacle course. The staff at the centre were highly impressed with our students and commended us on such a fantastic day. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to assist on the day, and a big thank you to Mr Sterland for his organisation of the carnival. Students who excelled in the competitive races have had the opportunity to compete at the Belconnen Regional Carnival.

Active Play Public.mp4

Active Play

Have you heard about the Active Play program happening at Evatt Primary School? A focus for our Every Day @ Evatt Framework this year is expanding on our break time opportunities for students. Our new Active Play program provides students with engaging activities every day during break time. Run during our Break 1 and facilitated by Mr Sterland, students take part in active games with a focus on inclusivity and building positive social skills and relationships. With on average 20% of students attending every day, our students will agree it's a big success! Watch the video to see a little bit more on what its all about.

The Nest Community Hub

You might have noticed a bit of work happening in one of our vacant classrooms adjacent to the hall! This will soon be launched as the Evatt School Community Hub - or "The Nest" as it will be known. This project was made possible by the ACT Education Directorate Supporting Parent Engagement Grant which was successfully won by the school & P&C. The space will feature a fully functioning reading café (with barista coffee available to parents/carers), as well as a refurbished uniform store. We are still ironing out a few details around opening times, but watch this space!


Don't worry, the feathers have not been stolen! A huge congratulations to our wonderful students who achieved the whole school goal of earning a whopping 3500 feathers. Our original planning saw this happening much later on in the term, so it is fantastic to see our students demonstrating our positive behaviour expectations so frequently.

Our new goal has been set at 5000 feathers as a school with the whole school reward as a free lunchtime BBQ and outdoor dance party!


Evatt Primary School engages in community consultation before undertaking any major changes. Below are current opportunities to provide your thoughts on key changes suggested at Evatt Primary School.

School Logo Update

Evatt Primary School is currently looking into updating our school logo. The Wedge-Tail eagle is firmly embedded within our school identity since it was adopted as the emblem in 1984. There is no intention to replace this. In our early consultation with staff, students and community members, there is a general consensus that our school logo could be modernised and softened to better reflect the school and its community.

There are some important considerations we need to consider.

Uniforms: Almost all our school uniforms include our current school logo. There would be no expectations on families to purchase new school uniforms if a change was to happen. New uniform orders would include the updated logo and students are able to wear their existing uniforms until families decide to replace them. The school would also look into 'rebranding' options such as iron on patches that would be at no cost to families.

Signage: School signage and branding would need to be updated to include the new school logo. This would include the front of the school sign, general front office signage and our sporting house flags. Many of these signs are reaching their end of life and would need to be updated soon regardless.

We would appreciate all families filling out this short survey in regards to changing our school logo.

School Logo Survey

Report Comments

We are currently reviewing the way we report feedback to parents/carers on student learning. Student reports are one way ACT public schools inform parents about their children’s learning. Reports are provided to parents at the end of Semesters 1 and 2 of each school year. Over the past few years, reports have undergone large changes as we have moved to a standardised template across the ACT.

In addition to A-E grades for each key learning area, the end-of-semester reports provide parents with an assessment of their children’s achievement against the Achievement Standards in the Australian Curriculum for each subject studied on a 5 point scale.

An example of an achievement standard from the Year 5 Humanities and Social Science Curriculum is: Identifies and describes the interconnections between people and the human and environmental characteristics of places, and between components of environments

This in itself provides a highly detailed summary of student's progress throughout the year. The Year 5 curriculum has over 80 achievement standards, and with an average class size of 24, this is close to 2000 individual achievement standards teachers need to assess each year. This is a mandatory component across the ACT.

Another component of the school report is the report comments. These look different from school to school. Currently, Evatt Primary School provides a comment for English, Maths and a general comment. When surveying teachers on the workload associated with these comments, on average, teachers spend 40 hours per semester on writing student comments. Many schools have transitioned to "report comment banks", which provide standardised pre-written comments for teachers to select from. If we were to maintain comments within our reports, we would most likely transition to this format.

We're currently seeking feedback from our community on the value of report comments in today's day and age, and exploring alternative options that might replace these. This might be a combination of:

  • Parent requested goal setting meetings at the end of each semester

  • Formal report comments only providing strategies for improvement for English & Maths

  • Continued use of Seesaw to share student learning (with teachers having greater capacity to post more frequently)

We would appreciate all families filling out this short survey in regards to report comments.

Report Comment Survey


Parents and Carers Association Annual General Meeting

It was great to see some new faces at our AGM on Wednesday night, and we look forward to the year ahead as a new team. We would like to thank our outgoing committee members and welcome the 2021 committee.

There is a vacancy for one of our key roles, the position of Treasurer. We are asking anyone in the school community who can assist with this role to reach out. The role involves approximately 1-2 hours work a month, which is done from home. You will receive a thorough handover, training and a mentor until you are confident. You don’t need any financial qualification, just attention to detail. Without someone in this position we are not permitted to run a P&C, so please consider this opportunity. If you are interested or would like more information please email

We also held a Special Resolution meeting to finalise our new Evatt Primary P&C Constitution. A few amendments are required before we can submit it to Access Canberra to finalise, once it has been approved we will have a link on the school website for the community to access.

Social events are returning this year, so keep an eye out for upcoming activities and opportunities to get involved.

Many thanks,

P&C President.

Canteen Updates

Please note that the Canteen online ordering system Schools24 now has a cut off of 8am Friday for lunch orders.

The Canteen also request that if you are registered with Schools24, please log in to your account and update your child's class to assist in sending lunch orders to the correct classroom.