Journals have long been valued for capturing insight into a person's experiences during a moment in time. They can paint a picture of the past and help us to learn lessons for the future.

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the way we live our lives. The ‘Moments in Time’ initiative gives students an opportunity to capture their experience during this pivotal stage in history and provide insight for students of the future.

Student voice is a key foundation of the Future of Education Strategy and Director-General, Katy Haire encourages all students to record their observations, feelings and experiences through this collaborative project. For the next ten weeks, Katy will provide a writing prompt for students to respond to as a journal entry.

Your words will be greatly appreciated and valued by ACT Education and provide insight for current and future Canberrans.

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Each week use the writing prompt to create a journal entry. It may consist of a summary of your day, poetry, dot points, or string of thoughts. Feel free to get artistic with your writing.

You may respond to one prompt, a few, or all ten.

If you feel comfortable sharing, submit your journal entry using one of the methods on the submission portal.

Parents/carers are welcome to submit a response.

Your contribution will form an archival journal, a valuable record for future students and the wider Canberran community.

A selection of key ideas, sentences and themes from various contributions will form a public artwork.

Responses can remain anonymous.