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Important Dates

  • 31 May Junior Assembly
  • 4 June Year 6 Baked Goods Stall
  • 4 June Year 4 Lift Off!
  • 5 June Athletics Carnival
  • 6 June Year 6 Combined Band
  • 7 June Senior Assembly
  • 10 June Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
  • 12 June ACT Cross Country
  • 14 June Junior Assembly

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

Term Two has hit the halfway mark! It was great to see our students out and about last week enjoying the last of the warm Autumn weather. This week Winter has well and truly arrived. Teachers are beginning to write reports and students are enjoying the challenge of their final assessments. Please remember to inform the school in writing if you do not wish to receive an A-E assessment with your child’s report. This week is National Reconciliation Week and classes across the school are learning about and discussing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories. This year’s theme is ‘Grounded in Truth: Walk together with Courage’. Last Friday, classes met on the oval to walk together in support of this national movement. Thank you to all community members from all backgrounds who came along to show their support. Please see the short video clip below and read on to learn more about happenings in and around the school.


PBL & Playground Update

Our students achieved their goal of 5 000 W@K tokens last week and have earnt their Mystery Prize (a new playground)! Today each cohort had 40 minutes at some point throughout the day to play on the new playground. The initial feedback from the kids is extremely positive, with lots of obstacles to challenge students of all ability levels. The new shared playground is for students K-6, but due to its popularity, we have put in place a timetable to avoid overcrowding. Until the end of term, Kinder and Years 1/2 will have access every recess, Years 3/4 will have first half of lunch and Years 5/6 will have the second half.

Kaleen’s Sustainability Program on ABC News

Last week, Lish Fejer from ABC Radio came out to Kaleen to hear more about our Sustainability program. Lish was thoroughly impressed with the school and our passionate teachers and students. Please click on the link below to hear the story.

Additional Copy of School-based Reports

As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we will be transitioning to the new ACT reporting template this semester. All reports will now be emailed to the person listed as contact 1 for each student. If you have previously informed us that you require an additional report, a second copy will be either sent by email or post to the contact person you have listed. If you are new to Kaleen PS or your personal circumstances have changed, please contact the front office if you would like to update your details or if you require an additional report.

Tips on Managing Stress and Staying Healthy

This month is a very busy time for teachers and many of our families. I have included the following tips in a previous newsletter, but if you’re like me, it doesn’t hurt to get a friendly reminder to look after yourself.

Simplify and Prioritise - Cut your to-do list in half. How? Ask yourself what’s most important and neglect the things that matter least.

Exercise - relieves stress in several ways. First, cardiovascular workouts stimulate brain chemicals that foster growth of nerve cells. Second, exercise increases the activity of serotonin and/or nor-epinephrine. Third, a raised heart rate releases endorphins and a hormone known as ANP, which reduces pain, induces euphoria, and helps control the brain’s response to stress and anxiety

Laugh - Just as chronic and severe stress can damage organic systems in our body, humour can heal.

Sleep - Everything breaks down when you don’t sleep well. Any sleep disturbance will diminish mental performance.

Learn how to recharge - Know your rechargers and do them routinely.

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock




This week all students in years 2-6 received a note about ICAS assessments for 2019. As mentioned in previous newsletters, these assessments will now be completed online. If you would like your child to participate, please go to and enter our unique school code 2781f987c3 to purchase the assessments that you would like your child to complete. Online payment will close on 31 July 2019. Please note that the assessments will be conducted at 8:15am on the day of the scheduled assessment. All students will need to be at Kaleen Primary School to complete the task. Unfortunately, due to it being online, we will not be able to make up missed assessments.


Lift Off! Steady! Evening for our Year 4 families is on next Tuesday 4 June from 4-7pm. Please return your confirmation slip asap so that we can organise catering (Pizza!). If you need another note please contact your child’s teacher.


As well as hosting our Lift Off evenings (Years 2, 4 & 6), Uplifting Australia have another fabulous program called family connect. We will continue sharing their little snippets in the newsletter but if you’d like to know more, go to

“ Having emotional skills is as important as learning to read and write.”

Yet sometimes life can get busy and we don’t make the time to intentionally build those skills in our family. Till now.

We invite you to take the time to try Family Connect and set your children up for good mental health and success.

Family Connect is a series of guided, meaningful conversations to have in your family that helps build skills in listening, appreciation, talking about feelings and self responsibility.

“Evidence shows the best predictors of a child’s future happiness are the emotional wellbeing and strength of their family…..and the skills they take with them on their journey through life.”

Develop these skills together as a family and watch how resilient your

children become.

Go to to find out how to Family Connect.

National Reconciliation and Sorry Day

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Kaleen Primary invited a friend to join them in representing our school at University of Canberra Kaleen High School’s Reconciliation Walk and Smoking Ceremony to commemorate National Sorry Day and the beginning of Reconciliation Week. Well done to all students for being outstanding representatives for both our school and reconciliation.

Family Reading Before School

This term (from Monday Week 4- 20/5/19) we will be opening the library each morning from 8:30am - 9:00am for ‘Family Reading’ time. This is a valuable time to read with your child before school and to keep out of the cold winter mornings while you wait for the school day to start. All children in the library must be accompanied and supervised by their parent/carer.

National Simultaneous Story Time

On Wednedsay 22 May Kaleen Primary School joined over 1,085,587 participants across Australia and New Zealand reading Alpacas with Maracas. Now in its 19th successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy. Follow the link to watch the Gold Cost Titans video reading.

KPS Little Library- Give a book, take a book

You may have seen these "Little Libraries" popping up around the community lately. These libraries aim to inspire a love of reading a build community. The idea is like a book exchange where you can donate a book and swap it with another.

Kaleen Primary School now has our very own Little Library which will live under cover near the new playground. Our concept is a bit different; students will be able to access the books to read during recess and lunch times and any one who needs a book may take one. We will be stocking it with old library books and will be seeking donations from the community as well.

If you have unwanted books like you would like to donate, you can either send them with your child to put directly into the cabinet or bring them into the front office or library.


Congratulations to the year 4-6 rostrum finalists.

Our best wishes to Alice who will represent Kaleen Primary School in the quarter finals.

P&C News

Thanks to everyone who participated in the election day barbecue. With sausages and cakes combined the P&C raised around $2000 for play equipment for the school. I was particularly impressed by Maree Smyth who organised the entire cake stall and with Mark Hargreave and P&C Treasurer Scott Emme who ran the barbecues for more than five hours each. I’m sure I’m missing someone but thanks also to Anika, Bayden, Skyla, Noah, Aaron, Tom, Mick, Elise, Michael, Cathy, Jen, Krista, Allison, Catherine, Ros, Zak, Chris and Kat. It felt like many hands made light work and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Canteen has been up and running again for a month now, this time through Empire Catering, and with my very low sample size of one, it seems to be going okay. The menu seems a good balance of healthy and appetising food that’s also pretty good value. If that’s not your experience or if you’d like to give feedback confidentially through the P&C, please email Similarly, if you have feedback on the uniform shop or before/after school care, we're interested in hearing from you.

At the last P&C meeting, representatives from the Bears club came and spoke to the committee about their proposal for a bar and restaurant next to the school. The conversation was civil and there were some points of shared interest but they left with no misunderstandings about the depth of dissent in the school community for exposing our kids to alcohol and gambling and potentially to more vandalism and illegal behaviour. A few days later the Bears’ application for a liquor license was approved by the ACT Government. As far as I know its gambling licence application is still in train.

The P&C is of the view that we’re better off having a constructive dialogue with the Bears to address issues into the future, than have an antagonistic relationship and forgoing any future fixes. That said, we’re very interested in hearing from any parents who have specific complaints into the future. We’re hoping to resolve any issues with the Bears so the bar is a functioning, family-oriented place that happens to sell alcohol and doesn’t degenerate into a dive bar. I’m available to discuss on 0466 386 377 or please email

Ben Peters Jones

P&C President

日本語ニュース (Japanese News!)

Canberra Japan Club Autumn Festival

The Japanese Choir will perform on stage at 1:15 PM. Please come and watch!

akimatsuri 2019.pdf
akimaturi 2019 program web.pdf

Kitasaka Sensei

Teacher of Japanese

Heroes' Corner

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to

Pe@k Board Games

Every Monday at lunch time, the 5RL classroom becomes a buzz of activity, a clatter of rolling dice, and a cacophony of cooperative play and laughter. Students have been using this lunchtime club to select board games to play with peers from Years 1-6 in a manner that builds concepts of fair play, rule comprehension, playing for fun, and teamwork. The games also build better understanding of aspects of Literacy, Numeracy, and a variety of other learning areas.

Many games also offer opportunities to be critical thinkers and problem solvers within the new situations students find themselves in. It’s boxes of fun every week and students are always welcome to attend this vibrant and cooperative learning opportunity.

Ryan Lindsay

Games Master/Classroom Teacher

Protect yourself and your family from the flu

Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent your family getting the flu this winter. The flu vaccine can save a child’s life.

The vaccine is safe, and everyone 6 months of age and over, including pregnant women and young children, should get the vaccination.

Children are more likely to contract the flu, spread it around, and are at a higher risk of serious complications if they get sick. The flu is highly contagious and is spread easily through childcare centres and schools.

The flu vaccine is free in the ACT for:

    • Children aged 6 months to under 5 years
    • Pregnant women
    • People 65 years of age and older
    • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and older, and
    • People aged 6 months and older with some medical conditions such as severe asthma, heart or lung disease, diabetes or weakened immune systems.

Where to get your flu vaccination

Everyone can get a flu vaccine from their GP or immunisation provider. People over 16 years of age can also get a vaccine at some pharmacies.

ACT Government Early Childhood Immunisation Clinics provide a free flu vaccination for children aged 6 months to under 5 years. To book an appointment, call Community Health Intake on 02 5124 9977.

Learn more about influenza and where to get your vaccination at

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