Things to Know

Important Dates

  • 6 May ACT Swimming
  • 7 May P&C Meeting - 7 pm
  • 8 May Kaleen Cross Country
  • 9 May UC Kaleen High Performance
  • 10 May Senior Assembly hosted by Year 6
  • 14 & 15 May Year 1 & 2 Recycling Hub Excursion
  • 14 May Year 3 NAPLAN
  • 15 May Year 5/6 Wellbeing Incursion
  • 16 May Year 3 NAPLAN
  • 17 May Year 3 NAPLAN
  • 17 May Year 5 NAPLAN
  • 17 May Junior Assembly hosted by Year 2
  • 20 May Year 3 NAPLAN catch up session
  • 21 May Year 5 NAPLAN
  • 22 May Year 5 NAPLAN
  • 22 May School Photos
  • 23 May Year 5 NAPLAN
  • 24 May Year 5 NAPLAN catch up session

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

Welcome to Term 2! I hope you had a chance to enjoy the school holidays or spend some time with your families over the long weekends. Please read on to hear about initiatives happening in and around the school.


Earlier this week, we held a very moving ANZAC Day ceremony, paying our respects to those who have served and sacrificed for the country we are today. We were fortunate to be joined again by our Belconnen RSL President Mr Ian Sayers, along with fellow RSL member Mr Mac Wellar to help highlight the importance of the ANZAC Day commemoration. The Lone Pine was a solitary tree on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, which marked the site of the Battle of Lone Pine in 1915. The Belconnen RSL has donated a Lone Pine sapling to our school, which stems from the original Lone Pine in Gallipoli. After the ceremony I had the honour of ‘breaking the earth’ with Ian and Mac in preparation of planting the lone pine in our school grounds. The lone pine will be situated at the front of school adjacent to our new ANZAC garden.

Canteen News

Empire Catering run a number of canteens across the ACT and have come to our school highly recommended. We reopened our school canteen for recess this week and will be fully operational (lunch orders and all) next week. The canteen will run Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week and orders can be placed through flexischools which can be found on our school website (and also accessed HERE). The initial feedback from the kids has been extremely positive and we are very excited about this new partnership. The Empire staff are very friendly and positive and have already commented on how lovely and well mannered our students are. Please see their current healthy menu below.

Golden Letter and Kaleen Spirit Awards

The whole school celebrated our end of term awards presentation, to recognise and reward outstanding pupil effort and achievement. At this assembly, select students were acknowledged with Golden Letter Awards and Kaleen Spirit Awards. A Golden Letter is awarded to one student from every class each term, recognising outstanding effort and achievement. The Kaleen Spirit Award is presented to one student per class, per term for outstanding citizenship and fair play. Congratulations to all nominated students for their improvement and efforts last term! The photos of award recipients were published in the previous issue of the newsletter.

PE@K (Passion and Enrichment at Kaleen) and WIN (What I Need) Initiatives

One of our Key Improvement Strategies outlined in the strategic plan is to develop opportunities for enrichment, extension and promote student-centred learning. At Kaleen, we are committed to strengthening the way we cater for all students. This year, we have established a Response to Intervention (RTI) Team. This team is working closely with all staff to ensure we are providing targeted support and establishing a range of programs to enhance our current extension and enrichment practices. We currently have three PE@K initiatives:

PE@K Programs: are opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of enrichment experiences. They are offered during various times throughout the year, and are an ongoing commitment where students attend the program each week that it runs. These programs are an extension to the teaching program and enhance the learning opportunities for students such as Green Team, Junior and Senior Choir, Japanese Choir, Recorder (Years 3 and 4), Dance Nation, Rock band, IMP Band (Years 5 and 6), RoboCup and Gifted and Talented program.

PE@K Projects: are conducted throughout the school for students to engage in a passion project. These are individualised projects and provide opportunities for all students to work individually or collaboratively on a wide range of topics. The PE@K projects vary for each cohort based on student need.

PE@K Clubs: were introduced last term with resounding success. The PE@K clubs for Term 2 will include Strategy Games (Mondays), Critical & Creative Challenges and Chess (Tuesdays), Coding (Wednesdays), Creative Arts (Thursdays) and Drumming (Fridays). These are teacher led, structured activities that operate in the library during lunchtime. All students are welcome, and meet outside the canteen at the PE@K pick up point after lunch eating time to attend. A timetable is on display in the library and at the pick up point to remind students about the PE@K clubs.

I look forward to seeing you in and around the school.

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock


Earn and Learn

Woolworths has just launched Earn & Learn, and we're once again joining it. For those parents who aren't aware of the program, if you shop at Woolworths between 1st of May and the 25th of June you can earn stickers. Our school will be collecting these stickers which we'll be able to swap for new school equipment; things like art and craft supplies, sports gear, teaching aids, and more.

So for any parents who shop at Woolworths, please collect those stickers and drop them in to our collection box, which is located in the foyer near the front office.

Thanks for helping out!

Lift Off! Year 4 'Steady' Program - Save the Date

Our next Lift Off evening is for our Year 4 families. It will be on Tuesday 4 June 2019 between 4-7pm. A detailed invitation and more information about the program will be sent home early next week.


Parking Safely and Legally Around Schools Video

A message from the ACT Government Schools Media department:

As we drive and park our cars around schools we all need to ensure the safety of school students is our priority. Parking illegally and unsafely across pedestrian crossings, corners and verges puts children at risk. We all need to help keep our children safe. Here is a short video demonstration.

Access Canberra inspectors will be patrolling our school zones to help us ensure drivers do the right thing.

ICAS 2019 Update

UNSW have made some changes to the way ICAS is administered in schools. In 2019, the assessments will be conducted in Term 3 over 3 consecutive weeks (Weeks 7, 8 and 9) and they will now be completed online (except for the writing task for Years 3 and 4). To ensure minimal disruption to core learning and resources, we will be conducting these assessments at 8:15 am on the designated days. Once the program details have been confirmed, permission notes will be sent home.

Dogs on School Grounds

Certain members of our community have been bringing their lovely four legged friends onto our school grounds and may not be aware of the related laws. Dogs, except for assistance dogs with permits, are not to be taken onto ACT preschool or primary school premises. The fine for taking dogs onto the grounds of a preschool or primary school is $350. For further information please refer to this link to the Transport Canberra and City Services Website.


Term 2 is a great time to review your child’s medication. If medication is required during school hours, please complete a “Medication Authorisation” form, signed by your doctor for the prescribed medicine. Due to requirements of the ACT Directorate of Education we cannot administer medication without this. Please label medication with the child’s name, dosage and time of administration. If your child has any of the following conditions: Anaphylaxis, Asthma , Diabetes or Epilepsy, please complete a “Known Medical Condition Response Plan” form. These forms are available from the Front Office or on our school website.

Voluntary Contributions

For many years, students have benefited from the financial resources provided through voluntary contributions from parents, carers and other citizens. With these contributions, our school can purchase additional educational materials, and provide supplementary programs and activities for students. Parent representatives on the School Board and the P&C are involved in allocating these funds towards the school’s various educational programs. Our P&C have approved the same contribution rate as previous years - $95 for one child or $150 for a family. Voluntary contributions may be made in full, in part or in instalments to our Library Trust Fund that has been established to enable parents to make tax deductible contributions of $2 or more.

P&C Corner

First, a reminder that the next P&C meeting is next Tuesday 7 May at 7:00 pm in the school library. Please come along and participate.

We’re also going to be running a food stall for Democracy Sausage Saturday on 18 May which happens to coincide with the federal election. If you’re interested in helping out, please email

Transport Safety around Kaleen Primary School

The P&C has recently had discussions with the ACT-wide P&C Council and nearby P&Cs regarding transport safety around schools. In particular we’ve highlighted the problem of speeding on Maribyrnong Avenue.

We’ve also received reports from parents of dangerous and inconsiderate driving around the school so I thought it would be useful to remind all parents of the importance of driving safely. Please consider how you personally could drive better to ensure the safety of other drivers and pedestrians, especially our kids.

Kaleen parents have been observed:

On the topic of safety: I encourage you all to teach your kids about proper helmet safety because it could save their life. Wearing a helmet on the back of your head is not safe. Unbuckled helmets are not safe. Helmets must securely cover the whole top of your child’s head and have the chin strap secured.

School Violence

The ACT-wide P&C Council has a project to address violence in schools. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts.

Public Transport Network Changes

We are also interested to hear about any impacts on students and parents as a result of changes to the ACT public transport network. Please provide your feedback through the Kaleen P&C mailbox so we can better represent your views.


Ben Peters Jones - P&C President

Entertainment Book

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As you would be aware our Year 3 and Year 5 students will undertake NAPLAN assessments between 14 May 2019 – 24 May 2019. Students and parents can become familiar with NAPLAN Online by completing mini-tests available in the public demonstration site, here. This is not compulsory. The purpose of the site is to familiarise students with the type of items they will see on NAPLAN Online and related functionalities. This level of familiarisation is worthwhile to help students understand and be comfortable with the format of the test.

Information about NAPLAN for parents/carers and students can be found at the ACARA website – here.

Should you have any further queries about NAPLAN please contact our Executive Teacher and NAPLAN Coordinator, Mrs Joanne Keens, or via the front office.

Library News

Chief Ministers Reading Challenge

Every year, tens of thousands of students across the ACT participate in the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge.

My hope for the Challenge is that every young person in the ACT discovers the joy reading can bring. Once you discover this joy a whole world of adventures await you, and the knowledge you can attain is limitless.

To get the most out of the Challenge, try choosing books from different genres, sharing your favourite books and stories with your classmates, or exceeding the 15 books set by the Challenge. By participating you can win book vouchers for your school library.

You can choose your own books or ask your parents, teacher, librarian at your school or Library for their suggestions.

Join the Challenge and marvel at all the journeys reading can take you on!

Andrew Barr MLA

ACT Chief Minister

How to Meet the Challenge

  • The challenge begins 10 April and finishes 13 September 2019.
  • Record the books you read between this time period on the reading record. Reading records have been sent out via Seesaw, a paper was sent home and you can also find it HERE.
  • You can choose any books you want to complete the challenge.
  • Once you have completed your reading record, hand in your sheet to Krissy in the library. The Chief Minister sends out certificate for all who participate in Term 4.
  • Click HERE for useful reading tips and hints.

Happy Reading!

Book Club

Issue 3 Scholastic Book Club is due: 8 May

日本語ニュース (Japanese News!)

Japanese Choir at KPS Arts Festival

The Japanese Choir sang two songs, “Ode to Joy” and “Do Re Mi” in English and Japanese at KPS Arts Festival. It was the first performance by the 2019 Choir and they sang beautifully. Well done!

A New Japanese Assistant, Sairi Hamasaki, has Arrived!

Sairi, a student from Kagoshima University, arrived on Anzac Day and stayed with the Daniel and Mark's Family for three days before moving in with Yarav and Aeshan's family for Term 2. Sairi majors in music at Kagoshima Uni so she will be a great asset to the Japanese Choir. I would like to thank all the host families for extending generosity and kindness to Sairi.

The families that are kindly hosting Sairi this year:

Term 2: Yarav (3LC) and Aeshan (1JA)

Term 3: Alexandra (2DO)

Term 4: Alice (5RL) and Eleanor (2FC), followed by Beatrix (2SB)

Holiday periods: Daniel (5RL) and Mark (4SC)

Kitasaka Sensei

Teacher of Japanese

Heroes' Corner

Australian Athletics Championships

Piper (6KT) recently competed at the Australian Athletics Championships in Sydney.

Even though she’s only 11 she competed in U14 girls pole vault and finished in 6th place. She jumped 2.20m which was a new ACT U14 record.

Chess Competition

A group of 10 girls from Years 3-6 recently went on an exciting trip to Turner Primary to represent our school in an inter school Chess Competition against schools from across Canberra. The Kaleen Girls fought hard during 7 thrilling rounds that lasted the entire day. By the end, we were all exhausted. However, from all their efforts, the Kaleen Girls came in second place!


Touch Footy

On Thursday 11 April, 16 Kaleen students took part in 5/6 Touch Footy Gala Day at Deakin. We had mixed results and came away finishing 13th and 25th out of 44 teams. A big thanks goes to Anthony who assisted with coaching.

We are very proud of the way the students represented Kaleen and the sportsmanship and determination shown by all. Way to go!

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to

Our Community

Blackfriars Lecture Flyer - Future Education 21 May.pdf

Upcoming Workshop on Reducing Violence and Bullying in Schools

Building Strong and Safe Communities for Learning is a partnership project between the ACT Education Directorate and the ACT Council of Parents and Citizens Associations (P&C). It focuses on all of us - parents, students, principals and teachers- working together to reduce violence and bullying in schools. An initial workshop discussed the key issues including what is working well or not working well. This is a reminder about the two remaining activities you can be involved in to have your say:

  • On 9 May 2019, 8:30am – 4:30pm this workshop will follow on from the first workshop and explore the key question “How might we reduce and respond to violence in schools and co-create strong and safe communities for learning?”.
  • In mid-late June 2019 a 2 – 3 hour showcase will highlight what we have learned. It will enable participants to attend at different times across different days.

If you require any further information, or if you wish to attend either of the workshops, please contact Ms Leanne Ballard on or 6205 2912.

Feedback Required - Active Streets

The Active Streets for Schools program is an infrastructure program – supported by educational resources – to make it safer and easier for children to walk or ride to school. Our school will be supported by the program over the next four years.

Active Streets helps to make school environments safer and more accessible by providing a range of tailored solutions depending on the school and local environment. Improvements may include new or improved footpath connections, more dedicated crossings or traffic calming (e.g. speed humps) to ensure the trip is safe and easy for children to navigate.

To commence the program, Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) would like to discover how children currently travel to and from school and find out where you think improvements can be made around the suburb and the school.

TCCS have set up a survey to gather this information. All the information collected will be de-identified and confidential. The final survey question asks about the type of infrastructure improvements our community would like considered through the program. To complete this question you can either:

- Provide an explanation in the text field in the survey, or

- Drop a pin on our Ride or Walk to School map and provide a comment

To drop a pin on the map, you will need to be signed in to a Google account, which is as simple as signing up if you don’t already have one. More information about setting up an account and dropping a pin on the map is available in these instructions.

TCCS will also welcome feedback about our Ride or Walk to School map, so please use the drop pin feature to comment on the highlighted routes. Alternatively you can print our map, write on the map and return it to TCCS.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to complete the survey. Your response will help to influence how the program is delivered to suit our school community.