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Tuesday 2 March Senior Swimming Carnival

Friday 5 March Step up to Clean up Australia Day

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

What a fabulous fortnight of learning we have had at Kaleen Primary School. The children and teachers have settled into their new routines and there is a positive vibe across the school. Please read on to hear about some happenings in and around Kaleen.

Meet and Mingle Community BBQ

Earlier this week, we hosted our annual Meet and Mingle Community BBQ. It was lovely to see so many families mingling (in safe ways) with the teachers and other members of the school community. Thank you to our fabulous staff for their professionalism and commitment to providing a high-quality education for our students. If you missed the post on Seesaw, click here to view the KPS whole school slideshow (slide 16 has a link for specific year level information). Thank you also to the team of happy helpers who set up, packed up and worked with me on the BBQ.

As always, if you would like to discuss any aspects of your child’s learning please contact their classroom teacher. We are partners in learning and we know that all students benefit from improved learning outcomes when there is a positive link between home and school.

P&C and Student Parliament Partnership (Mist Monitors)

Our P&C and student parliament have joined forces to combat extreme heat on the playground. Kaleen Primary is quite well placed when it comes to cool spaces, but we are always looking for ways to keep students comfortable and active in the warmer months of the year. Our two soft fall playgrounds are both undercover which reduces heat quite significantly. We have the cowshed (the home of handball) which is covered and trees just off the basketball court running all the way through to our Aboriginal garden. The new digging areas behind the tennis courts are shaded by the trees. Our school oval is also very cool in summer, and according to some turf experts, a grassed oval can be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt on hot summer days and roughly 15 degrees cooler than dirt areas. We also have the new shade sails in the junior school and the area between the Gym and Year 6 classrooms has trees and shade from the buildings. Many of our PE@K (Passion and Enrichment At Kaleen) clubs are indoors which also gives students a number of cool play break options.

At the end of last year, our P&C worked with the student parliament to survey a number of children about the best ways of keeping cool in the summer. There were a range of responses with some very creative ideas. Unfortunately, we won’t be building a swimming pool any time soon, but we have captured some feedback that has inspired our new ‘Mist Monitors’ program.

Student Parliament has purchased 50 spray bottles and created a roster for our interested senior students. The new responsible ‘Mist Monitors’ will roam the school playgrounds on hot days spraying other kids in cool and consensual ways. The P&C is also working with the School Board to investigate designing and building a sensory garden, purchasing mist fans and exploring other creative options to keep kids engaged and cool. Thank you to all stakeholders for working together to make our school a better place to play and learn.

Annual Action Plan 2021

Once again, we have set the bar high and we are aiming to achieve a number of goals this year. Our teachers will be engaging in action research with a 2021 focus on student centred learning. We are continuing on with our curriculum renewal journey and making updates based on the Australian Curriculum. This year we have formed a Formative Assessment Taskforce (FAT team) to offer ongoing professional learning to staff based on the work of Dylan Willam. This two year initiative will support the staff to employ assessment practices that have a high impact on student learning. We are continuing our PBL journey and working with the University of Canberra to enhance our cultural integrity and inclusive practices. This initiative is linked to our Affiliated Schools program and supported by staff from the university’s Faculty of Education.

Community partnerships are also high on our agenda and our School Improvement Teams (SITs) will be consulting with stakeholders in the coming weeks to explore opportunities to collaborate.

Thank you for your contributions and ongoing support.

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock


School Board Vacancies 2021

Membership of the Kaleen Primary School Board is a wonderful opportunity to a participant in the management process of the school and to contribute to the determination of the school’s future directions.

In 2021, our School Board will have two Parent and Citizens Members vacancy and two General Staff vacancy for the period of 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2023.

Nominations will open 11.00am on Monday 8 February 2021 and close 11.00am Monday 22 February 2021. Any parents wishing to nominate can contact the school for more information.

Diana Wallace

Assistant Returning Officer – School Board

P&C News

This week the P&C held our AGM to wrap up 2020 and set up how we organise ourselves for 2021. We elected a new group of office bearers who will work together to run the formalities of the P&C. I have outlined their names and roles below, we will introduce ourselves more in coming newsletters. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be involved:

President: Catherine McGufficke

Vice- President: Siaan Ansori

Secretary: Kathryn Scarano

Treasurer: Simon Bartlett

Assistant Treasurer: Elizabeth McGregor

Public Officer: Mark Poretti

The following people have volunteered to join our P&C Committee, a wider group of people who work to guide the activities of the P&C throughout the year.

Committee members: Andie de Wet, Lilian Keung, Aler Locus, Liz Marzano, Robert McGregor, Ben Peters-Jones, Jen Rose.

We also voted for a new constitution to be put in place. While this sounds administrative it is a big step because it allows us to operate as a modern organisation and reflects our purpose which is to connect families, community and the school.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to running the AGM, those who attended and those who volunteered to be part of committees. I look forward to working with you over 2021 to do great things for the school!

At our next meeting in Week 7 we will focus on planning how we support Kaleen Primary in 2021 - what activities we will run, what we will fund and support within the school and across the community. To do that we will work with the school Executive to understand their plans for the year and how we can contribute to those. We would love to incorporate as many ideas as possible so please come along to the meeting or email your thoughts on

Catherine McGufficke

P&C President

Pe@k Clubs and Progams

Sports Section

Senior Swimming Carnival

Our swimming carnival will take place at CISAC on Tuesday 2 March (Week 5) for all students in Years 3-6 and any Year 2 students who are born in 2013 who can swim 50 metres in a competitive race.

The carnival will commence at 9:30am with students returning to school at approximately 2:30pm. Buses will leave KPS promptly from 9:00am so it is important that students arrive to school on time.

100m swimmers will be required to meet Miss Van Huizen at the pool at 8:15am.

An online registration form was posted on Seesaw to Years 3-6 and a permission note, including a medical form has been sent home.

Can you please make sure you complete and return both notes and return them to school by Monday 22 February.

Please note:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions no spectators will be able to attend the carnival unless they have registered to be a volunteer via the online form (limited numbers) sent via Seesaw. Thanks to those who have already registered as a timekeeper. We are now looking for volunteers to help support with the aquatic games.

Belconnen Region information:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions SSACT has decided that at this stage 8 and 9 year old events will be removed from the 2021 Primary Regional Carnivals and 12&U ACT Championships. This may change if restrictions for inside venues change. Students who place at the school carnival will still receive a ribbon.

Any further questions please contact your class teacher or Nikki Van Huizen at


Resource Sort

Every Friday a class in our school helps to sort through our resource management system to ensure that no bins are contaminated and that we are sorting our resources into the correct bin. We are aiming to have minimal bags going to landfill. In week 1 we only had HALF a bag! We want to do this every week!

Wow what a great job our school is doing to ensure that minimal waste goes to landfill. Keep it up Kaleen!

Week 1- 4CL sorted our resources. We only had half a bag to landfill and 2 bags of soft plastics

Week 2- 6MS sorted our resources. We only had 3/4 of a bag and 2 1/2 bags of soft plastics.

Step up to Clean up Australia Day

On Friday, 5 March 2021, Kaleen Primary School will once again take part in Clean Up Australia Day.

Students in year groups will don gloves to lend a hand in cleaning up our school grounds which is a registered site for the ‘Step Up to Clean Up Australia’ cause taking place in the community on Sunday 7 March 2021.

As per the previous years, we will again be holding a competition among the Junior and the Senior classes to see which two classes can bring in the most labelled reusable gardening gloves from home to lessen our need to use disposable plastic gloves. There will be two prizes available to recognise the winning two class’ efforts.

We look forward to the whole school getting behind this great community cause on the day while making a positive difference to our playground and the environment!

Thank you!

Mrs Reeves and Mrs Keens

Kaleen’s Sustainability Team


Sustainability Help Needed

We are putting a call our to our skilled Kaleen community. We need your help! If anyone in our community has the tools and expertise to cut this garden bed in half so that we have two garden beds, can you please contact the front office.


If anyone has bulbs from their garden that they are willing to donate to our school please bring them into the front office and we will find a lovely home across our school for them. Please put a little note with them telling us what bulbs they are.

2021 School and House Captains

School Captains

Captains - Arlo and Ellie

Vice Captains - Kevin and Penelope

House Captains


Captains - Lachlan and Larissa

Vice Captains - Connor and Peyton


Captains - Nessa and Sam

Vice Captains - Cienda and Kai


Captains - Monty and Vivia

Vice Captains - Jasper, Tilly and Mikayla


Captains - Mark and Zoe

Vice Captains - Cooper and Isabel

Heroes' Corner

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to


Girl Guides – a great place to do fun things and make new friends!

Girl Guides in the ACT are part of an international organisation offering a weekly program of fun and personal development during school terms for girls aged 5 to 18 years. We provide girls with a supportive and safe environment to explore opportunities including: developing life skills, self esteem and confidence, the ability to think and act for themselves, make lifelong friends, discovering the world they live in and participating in the local community. We also go on hikes and camps; participate in community service activities; and enjoy weekend and holiday adventure days.

The Kaleen-Giralang-Lawson area has three units meeting in Kaleen on Wednesdays: 6:00 – 7.30 pm for girls 5-10 years; and 6.00 – 8.00 pm for girls aged 10+ years. Other units meeting nearby also offer alternative nights to accommodate girls who can not attend on Wednesday nights. All girls are very welcome. Inquiries to: Bev on 0417 485737.

Looking for an extra caffeine fix? Join Al Cachino's Cappuccino on Tuesday mornings outside the front office until 9 am.