Things to Know

Important Dates

  • 20 Sep Grandfriends' Day & Learning Expo
  • 22 Sep Japanese Speech Contest
  • 24 - 26 Sep Kindergarten Health Checks
  • 24 Sep Year 6 Cotter Reserve Excursion
  • 26 Sep Type Onesie Funsie Runsie
  • 27 Sep Kindergarten Zoo excursion
  • 28 Sep Kaleen Spirit & Golden Letter Award Assembly
  • 28 Sep Term 3 Ends
  • 1 Oct Labour Day
  • 15 Oct Term 4 Begins

Notes Home

  • Year 6 Excursion to Cotter Reserve
  • Kindergarten Excursion to National Zoo and Aquarium
  • Tea Towel Fundraiser
  • Media Permission KPS Combined Choir Performance at Floriade

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

Once again, I can’t believe we have nearly arrived at the end of term. Time flies when you’re having fun! Hopefully you are able to spend some time during these school holidays connecting with your families while enjoying the warmer Spring weather. Please read on to hear about some initiatives happening in and around the school.

Newsletter Format Feedback

We have started using a new format for our school newsletter to make it more web friendly; it is now mobile responsive, adjusting to whatever device you are reading it on. The new newsletter has helped us to save a significant amount of time (several hours) putting it together due to the automatic formatting feature. Of the 82 parents who responded to our survey, 83% preferred the new format to the PDF version. Parents also offered a range of constructive feedback including:

  • adding basic navigation instructions
  • incorporating ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons (or having the newsletter as one reel)
  • more photos
  • access to the school calendar
  • links to previous newsletters, contact information (available in tabbed pages).

Based on feedback, we are also looking to use a bitly link to help us gather analytics about the number of people engaging with each newsletter. Thank you Kaleen community for your honest and constructive feedback which allows us to improve our systems of communication. Please click here if you would like to comment on this fortnight's edition.

Seesaw / Hardcopy Portfolio Vote

This year we have been trialing the Seesaw Digital Portfolio Platform across the school. The feedback we have had so far from staff and students is overwhelmingly positive, with 100% of teachers voting to keep Seesaw. Teachers are excited about their own progress with Digital Technologies and have been learning additional strategies to support student learning. Our students have also been very positive about their Seesaw experience and have loved sharing their learning with their families. We would like to hear from all members of the school community before committing to Seesaw into the future. Please click here to vote on whether the school continues using Seesaw or goes back to the original hardcopy portfolio format.

Learning Expo and Grandfriends’ Day

Thank you to all members of the school community who came to our Learning Expo and Grandfriends’ Day celebrations. It was a great to have the support of so many of our parents and grandparents and a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their learning. This initiative reflects our commitment to work with families as partners in learning.


Thank you to our lovely parents and students who came along to our Year LIFT OFF! STEADY evening last Tuesday. It was a great to see so many happy and engaged families, enjoying the range of activities and games. Next term we’ll be hosting the Year 6 LIFT OFF! GO evening on Thursday 8 November. More information will be communicated closer to the event.

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock

2019 Class Planning

For Preschool to Year 5 families

In preparation for our class planning and enrolment projections for 2019 we would like to know your intentions regarding your child/ren’s schooling for next year. If your child/ren are currently enrolled in our school, including Preschool, you are automatically enrolled in our school for 2019.

Please click here to complete if you are not intending on returning to Kaleen Primary School in 2019.

Thank you for your continued support

Spring into SunSmart

Cancer Council's official "Hats On" period commenced a few weeks ago (beginning of August). Spring is when we start to witness a rise in minimum temperatures as we make our way toward the warmer part of the year. In September UV levels also start to take off in the ACT, in fact by middle / late September daily UV levels will be reaching 6, 7 or even higher! That's considered HIGH on the UV Index!

PE@K Holiday Reading Challenge

Next week we will be announcing our PE@K holiday reading challenge on Facebook. If you want to know more about it, all you need to do is ‘like’ our Kaleen Primary School Facebook page. We hope to ignite our students' passion for reading and see lots of fabulous snapshots during the holidays.

Krissy McCombe and Michelle Northey

Follow this link to view the results for ICAS Spelling and Writing 2018.

2018 ICAS Spelling Results

Congratulations to the 99 students from Years 2-6 for participating in the ICAS Spelling competition. The students were challenged with dictation, proofreading and rules and conventions.

Overall Kaleen Primary School’s results included 7 Distinctions (top 10% of ACT & NSW), 23 Credits (top 25% of ACT & NSW), 10 Merits (top 35% of ACT & NSW) and 59 Participation certificates.

2018 ICAS Writing Results

Congratulations to the 89 students from Years 3-6 for participating in ICAS Writing. Overall Kaleen achieved some outstanding results which included: 11 Distinctions (top 10% of ACT & NSW), 19 Credits (top 25% of ACT & NSW), 5 Merits (top 35% of ACT & NSW) and 54 Participation certificates.

JDRF 'Type Onesie Funsie Runsie!'

Wednesday 26 September 2018

This year we have two students at Kaleen Primary School who have Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Ethan is in Year 2, and he suggested to the Student Parliament that we hold a 'Type Onesie Funsie Runsie!' day to raise funds and awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Ethan absolutely LOVES to run and thought this would be even more fun than just having a Onesie day! Ethan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes soon after his second birthday. His younger sister Mia, who is in Kindergarten, also has T1D; she was diagnosed when she was a tiny one year old. Did you know that Mrs Northey’s Daughter also has T1D, and has had it for eight long years!

On Wednesday 26 September, we are asking all Kaleen children to come to school wearing their onesies or pyjamas (no need to go out and buy any, as pyjamas are a perfect alternative). By bringing a gold coin donation, we can help JDRF fund research that will improve lives for those with T1D.

Just a little background on T1D. It is not caused by eating too much sugar, nor poor lifestyle choices. It is a life-long autoimmune disease which usually occurs in childhood but can be diagnosed at ANY age. T1D affects over 120,000 people in Australia alone. All people with T1D need up to six insulin injections every day, or a continuous infusion of insulin through an expensive insulin pump, just to stay alive. Let’s be honest, needles are never fun, and the needles never stop for people with T1D, they don’t even get a break from them at Christmas or on their birthday. Here is a link to a YouTube clip with more information about T1D.

Please make a donation to support JDRF to improve lives!

Kelly Turner

Student Parliament coordinator

Waste Audit

On Wednesday 19 September, Jacinda from ACT Smart Schools came to Kaleen Primary School to do a waste audit with our Year 4 students. We gathered a day’s worth of garbage that would have gone to landfill and sorted it into organic waste, recyclable plastics, recyclable paper and landfill. We turned 30 bags of landfill into an amazing 4 bags. We could potentially reduce our weekly waste to landfill from 150 bags to just 15 bags if we think carefully before we bin our waste.

Waste to Landfill - 4 bags

Organic waste - 3 bags

Recyclable plastic containers - 3 bags

Recyclable paper - 1 bag

Soft plastics - 2 bags

10c containers - 1 bag

We are really looking forward to using our 4 coloured bins in our New Waste Management System to help us organise our waste each lunch eating time. Red bin will be landfill, green for organic, yellow for recyclables and blue for soft plastics.

Kelly Reeves, Mel Chiles, Fiona Chapman, Caren Lowther

Sustainability Team

Garden Goodies

The Sustainability Team have worked hard to grow lots of beautiful herbs and vegetables in our Kitchen Garden and Multicultural Garden. We are now seeing the benefits of their green thumbs. Please ask your child to show you the amazing growth in these gardens. The herbs and vegetables can be purchased for a gold coin donation.

Nude Food Day

‘Nude Food Day’ is a day held by schools and organisations around Australia to promote ‘waste free’ lunches as far as possible. On Wednesday 24 October we invite Kaleen families to use reusable containers in place of plastic wrapping and foil. We would also like to see reusable drink bottles brought in as well. Nude Food Day will be a great day of learning about waste free practices and will help us promote and protect our precious environment.

Kaleen Primary Sustainability Team

Student Wellbeing

Parents and Citizen's (P&C) Corner

The P&C has been planning events for the remainder of the year. We will be hosting another disco, offering special lunches via the canteen and hoping to bring a coffee cart the school on special occasions (finally good coffee near school!). If you have further ideas, please let us know.

We continue to plan for the Market Day and Car Boot Sale in Term 1 2019. Hold onto those old items ready for sale!

We have provided input into the ACT-wide P&C initiatives managed by the ACT P&C Council. This has included feedback on traffic around our school and the future of P&Cs. The Council has a fabulous and informative newsletter. You can subscribe to their newsletter and hear about the work of the Council by visiting

The next Kaleen P&C meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 23 October 2018. Please come along or provide your input to

Singfest 2018

On Monday 10 September, the Kaleen Primary School Japanese and Junior Choirs attended Singfest at Ainslie Arts Centre. Singfest is a choral festival run by the ACT Instrumental Music Program. It is an opportunity for school choirs and vocal groups from all school sectors and systems to perform, and witness the performances of other groups. Choirs are given feedback by professional adjudicators in order to develop the choir as an ensemble and encourage music within schools.

This year the Japanese and Junior Choirs performed six songs, two of which were combined songs with both groups. Standouts included ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ and ‘I Still Call Australia Home’. Students performed in front of a large crowd of more than one hundred people including other school students, parents, teachers and Stephen Leek - a professional conductor and composer. After the performance, Kaleen Primary students were lucky enough to participate in a workshop with Mr Leek, focusing on how to make nice vowel sounds when singing.

It was a fabulous excursion for all involved, and students greatly enjoyed performing. Thank you to Ms Mari Kitasaka, Miss Narumi Imahori and Miss Sarah Crawford for accompanying the students on the excursion, and to the students’ parents for their support at home.

Both choirs are excited to perform at Floriade later this month.

The KPS Japanese and Junior Choirs

KPS Robots in Space lands at Questacon for a limited time!

In Term 2, several Year 5 students participated in the PwC Robots in Space Program. Only one team was able to attend the night, presenting their learning and engineering skills. Our representative team placed 3rd and, as a part of the reward for placing in the competition, their research and robot are on display at Questacon for roughly 4 weeks. If you have time in the holidays and would like to see our amazing students' work be sure to visit Questacon!

Year 5 Combined Band

Year 5 had a combined band rehearsal on Monday 27 August. We went to Macquarie Primary and worked with bands from Macquarie, Aranda, Turner and Fraser Primary Schools. We played seven songs together to make one super-sized concert band. Pieces included lots of movie favourites such as ‘Mickey Mouse March’, ‘Power Rock’ and ‘Majestic March’. At the end of the rehearsal we performed in front of the school (see the photo - their school hall was full!).

"The best part of the day was playing with other schools" - Arya 5CG

"This is the most schools that we've ever played with! It was a huge band!" - Christopher 5C

"We learnt to never forget your band instruments!" - Sampurna 5CW

We are now looking forward to playing at the Year 5 assembly this term.

Year 5 Band

Heroes' Corner

Joe Won entered the MAG ACT Championship 2018 on 9 September, held at the Woden Valley Gymnastics Club. He competed in the Nationals Under 10 category and was placed 3rd in two individual events ~ pommel and high bar.

2018 Rugby League Premiers

Congratulations to Year 5 rugby league players, Madeline, Ben & Lucas, whose team won their Under 11 Grand Final against Yass, 24 -12.

Emily proudly showed her class the medal and trophy she has won for netball.

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to

School Travel and Safety Survey

Transport Canberra and City Services has engaged First Person Consulting to conduct research into parents’ attitudes to their children's active travel to and from schools. Part of this is investigating the role that Crossing Supervisors have in improving safety around schools, and the extent to which parent’s attitudes to children travelling actively change as a result.

To complete the survey please click here.

The survey should take about five minutes. The survey will not collect any identifiable information, and all responses will be kept confidential.

Thank you in advance for your time in completing this survey. If you have any questions please contact the TCCS Schools Program.

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