Things to Know

Important Dates

  • 6 November Obstacool Fundraiser
  • 8 November Senior Assembly
  • 12 November Kindy 2020 Information Evening (Purple Group)
  • 13 November Kindy 2020 Information Evening ( Red Group)
  • 14 November Kindy 2020 Information Evening (Blue Group)
  • 15 November Junior Assembly

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

It has been a positive and productive start to Term 4 and much has been achieved over the past few weeks. Students are currently completing their final assessments and will soon be celebrating their 2019 personal growth and achievements. Today we celebrate 'Wheels Day' and we thank the school community for the feedback they provided when completing the School Satisfaction Surveys. I'm looking forward to getting outside today and enjoying some wheels time with the children. Please read on to hear about some current initiatives in and around the school.


Thank you to our P&C for putting on an amazing Mini Market Day last Sunday. The strong winds we experienced on Saturday had us a little concerned the night before, but it turned out to be a lovely day and fabulous community event. Once again I would like to acknowledge our P&C President Ben Peters Jones and our Community Liaison Krissy McCombe for their leadership with Mini Market Day.

Student Parliament are collaborating with the P&C to coordinate our “Obstacool Course” fundraiser on Wednesday 6 November. Parents are welcome to attend to watch their children run their courses throughout the day. We’ll also open up a special session between 1pm-1:30pm for any parents and staff who would like to have a go themselves. Please see the timetable provided.

Thank you to Heather Rea (P&C Rep), Kelly Turner (Coordinating Teacher) and our Student Parliament for leading this initiative. I would also like to thank our parents and local community for their donations and ongoing support.

Parent Workshops and Educational Videos

The P&C surveyed parents about potential workshops and the second most popular response was “Learning strategies - A parent's guide to supporting your children using the strategies they are learning at school”. The school surveyed the community again to determine their specific areas of interest and it seems ‘Cyber Safety’ and ‘Maths Strategies’ were the most popular choices. We plan to hold workshops and create related videos to release early next year, beginning with ‘Cyber Safety’ and ‘Maths Strategies’.


Last week, our PBL team featured quite a bit in the media. The Directorate released a system PBL video that was based on the work we have done here at Kaleen. We also featured in a Canberra Times article and a WIN news piece highlighting our PBL initiative. Congratulations to our PBL team and the whole school community for their work towards developing a positive school culture.

New Deputy Principal

Michael Hatswell is about to complete his first week as Kaleen’s Senior School Deputy Principal. Michael has been a wonderful addition to our team and he’s really hit the ground running. Following the principal’s address, Michael shares his initial reflections on our school.

I look forward to seeing you in and around the school.

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock


Michael Hatswell

Deputy Principal

Wow Kaleen - to say I’m I’m impressed is an understatement! I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at the school getting to know the students, staff and families and have been genuinely blown away by the quality of learning and programs offered to students. The children have shared their Wellbeing At Kaleen (W@K) approach and emphasised the strong focus on being Safe, Respectful and Responsible Learners through the PBL framework.

I greatly enjoyed learning all about the Worm Tea business initiative, which I hear was extremely popular at the ‘Mini Market Day’ on Sunday, helping to develop our young entrepreneurs. The students shared this along with other fantastic ‘Sustainability’ and STEM initiatives like the Paddock to Plate program and the well designed Waste Management system. It's wonderful to see the students being immersed in the school’s Passion and Enrichment At Kaleen (PE@K) initiatives where they develop and display their Critical and Creative Thinking.

The Kaleen students have been extremely welcoming and as I have travelled from class to class, it is clear that they are highly engaged in their learning. I have been highly impressed with Kaleen’s teachers, who always seem to go above and beyond for their students. A personal love of mine is music and the performing arts and it's terrific to see such a range of opportunities on offer for the students no matter their level of musical expertise.

Thank you to the parents and families I have already met this week outside before or after school and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the weeks to come.

I feel very honored to have this opportunity to be working at such a high performing school in such a friendly and inclusive community.

P&C News

Mini Market Day

Last Sunday was the first Kaleen Mini Market Day and hundreds of parents and kids came to enjoy the food, the stalls and the sense of community. It would always be better with more people but for a first try, I thought it was a pretty good day. All told we made nearly four grand for the school and helped build our school community. Thanks to everyone who attended.

I want to thank those of you who ran their own stalls and those of you who ran stalls on behalf of the P&C. The event would never have happened without the tireless work of Krissy McCombe who not only organised the event but also ran her own stall. I’d also like to thank Emma, Kasumi, Keiko and Aler who ran the Japanese food stall despite the disappointment of Saturday’s cancelled Nara Festival. Catherine, Jen and Noah sold all the wonderful cakes generously donated by the community. Thanks to Emmy, Elyssa and the YMCA staff who ran the jumping castle and face painting. Liz, Rob and their kids did a great job on the white elephant stall selling awesome junk donated by the community. Thanks also to Sophie, Mark, Ros and Mr Shaddock for turning the snags and onions generously donated by Kaleen Coles and Kaleen SuperbarnExpress. Last but not least, thanks to our fantastic buskers who entained us all and made a hundred dollars for the school!

I’m interested in positive and negative feedback about the mini market day so please text me on 0466 386 377 or email if you have views.

P&C meetings and 2020 elections

P&C committee had a meeting in Week 2 where we got a report from Mr Shaddock about recent school news and staffing arrangements. We also finalised the coordination of the mini market day. The last meeting of the year will be on the Tuesday night of Week 7 so please come along and celebrate the year that was. Early in term 1, 2020 we’ll have an annual general meeting where we’ll nominate and elect a new P&C committee for 2020. It’s a really rewarding and not too taxing way of being involved in our kids’ school and I encourage you to run for a position. The positions are president, secretary, vice president, public officer, treasurer, vice treasurer and general committee members. With that sort of range of positions there’s something for everyone no matter how much or how little time you have to volunteer. If you have any questions, please give me (Ben Peters Jones) a call on 0466 386 377.

Like and Follow the P&C Facebook Page

In the lead up to the Mini Market Day we changed the P&C fete page to be the P&C page. So far about 99% of the members are mums but I know it’s not just mums who care about our community so please like the page if you’re on facebook. I hope that it becomes a place for sharing information and respectful debate and not just the P&C president’s soap box.

-Ben Peters Jones - P&C President

0466 386 377

Bottle Recycling

The P&C has set up a bottle recycling account so that any family wishing to donate their 10c per bottle to the school can do so. The account is linked to the P&C bank account and email address but to my personal mobile number. Sometimes the account number is best and sometimes you just need a mobile number. So far we’ve raise $23!

Account number: E010182 (zeros not Os)

Mobile number: 0466 386 377


Nude Food Week at Kaleen Primary School

A big thank you to our parents and students for their whole-hearted support of our recent hosting of ‘Nude Food Week.’

Many students completed the challenge to pack their school food in reusable containers or incorporate nude food into their lunches.

Though one student will have their raffle ticket drawn in upcoming Junior and Senior assemblies to win a prize, the real winner is the environment with far less soft plastic being brought to school and sorted through our school Resource Management System.

We are also very appreciative of the Canteen’s efforts to support ‘Nude Food Week’ through packing their foods into reusable containers sent in by our parents. We hope to continue hosting regular Nude Food Days and similarly continue this partnership forged with the Canteen into the future.

Many thanks everyone!

Sustainability Teaching Team

Science Fair Awards Night at CSIRO

Last Friday Kaleen Students received awards at the National Seact Science Fair awards night at CSIRO. Isaac came first in Physical Science, Aarayan, Isabelle and Harriet came second in Chemical Science, Eamon, Riya, Avidu and James received Highly Commended in Biological Science and Earth and Space. Congratulations to these incredible scientists. What wonderful results Kaleen. We look forward to entering this competition again in 2020.

Inner North Indigenous Cluster Celebration

On Thursday, Mr Shaddock and a team of parents and teachers accompanied our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders students (and their close friends) to the Inner North Indigenous Cluster Celebration. The event was jam packed full of engaging activities and all participants had a great time learning more about Aboriginal culture and history.

Wheels Day

Today we celebrated achieving our whole school target for returning our school satisfaction surveys, by having a Wheels Day . This coincided with ‘Ride safely to school day’ and was a wonderful opportunity to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Students brought in a variety of wheeled items such as a bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates and rollerblades. It was a wheely fun day!

Woolworths Rewards Earn and Learn Program

During Term 2 the Kaleen Community were amazing and collected thousands of stickers which earned us 11 500 Earn and Learn points. This enabled the school to purchase some additional maths resources, stop watches, gross motor equipment and some construction/building kits for our junior school and they have just arrived.

We are always grateful for the opportunity to have additional resources in our school and appreciate the efforts that our community went into collecting and returning the stickers and sticker sheets to our school.

Heroes' Corner

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to

Lost Property

As the weather is unpredictable this time of year it is common for students to wear layers and take them off as needed throughout the day. This being said, lost property seems to be filling up at an alarming rate!

Please remind your child/ren to bring their items home each day. If they forget, suggest they check lost property.

We recommend putting your child/ren's names on articles of clothing and lunch boxes so they can be returned if found.