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Important Dates

  • 28 June Junior School Disco 5:30 pm
  • 28 June Senior School Disco 7:00 pm
  • 28 June Reports Sent Home
  • 28 June Whole School Awards Assembly
  • 2 July Onesie Funsie Runsie
  • 5 July Last Day of Term 2
  • 22 July First Day of Term 3
  • 23 July Welcome to Country and Cleansing Ceremony
  • 26 July National Trees Day

Chris Shaddock


Principal's Address

Dear Kaleen Community,

I cannot believe we are already at the end of Term 2! We have made wonderful progress as a school this first semester and should be proud of our achievements. I spent the last couple of weeks reading student reports and have absolutely loved hearing about their growth in learning. Both staff and students have worked extremely hard to achieve such wonderful results. Please read on to hear more about the happenings in and around the school.

Dance Nation & School Disco

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the Dance Nation Spectacular at the National Convention Centre. Our performing students (and staff) were absolutely amazing and lit up the stage with their high energy performances. Congratulations to our amazing performers and their dedicated teachers for making this opportunity possible. Continuing with the topic of dance, our P&C will be holding the school disco tonight. The theme chosen by our Student Parliament was “Sport and Fitness”, so I’m looking forward to seeing some athletic moves on the dance floor! The Junior Disco runs from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and the Senior Disco runs from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Thank you to our wonderful P&C members and staff who have volunteered their time and services to make this happen.

Student Interviews & Reports

Notes went home earlier this week about parent-teacher interviews that are occurring next week (Week 10) Kinder to Year 6. This afternoon, you will receive a confirmation slip with your interview time.

We are transitioning to the new ACT reporting template this semester using the School Administration System (SAS). The new system has experienced several technical difficulties and we are working closely with the Directorate SAS team to overcome these. Thank you to the families who received test emails and offered their feedback. Fingers crossed that all reports emailed today went directly to the person listed as Contact 1 for each student. If you have previously informed us that you require an additional report, a second copy should have been sent by email or posted to the contact person you have listed. If you are new to Kaleen PS, your personal circumstances have changed, or you require an additional report, please contact the front office. We would love to hear your feedback about the new report templates and process. Please share your thoughts and ideas here.

Mr Shaddock’s Times Tables Songs

At Kaleen Primary School, we strive to develop students who are creative, collaborative and have a love of learning. We challenge students to persevere when confronted with complex tasks and aim to prepare them for a world where an ever-accelerating rate of change and innovation will be their normal. What does seem inevitable is that rote learning and the recitation of facts is becoming less important in most circumstances. In the future this type of knowledge will be easily accessed through any electronic device and what will become more important is the ability to utilise and apply knowledge while working productively with other people.

However, automatic recall of some basic facts (such as times tables) can reduce anxiety about Mathematics and increase general confidence in mathematics (Parkhurst et al., 2010). It may also enhance the acquisition of more complex skills by freeing up general cognitive capacity, or when accuracy of the basic facts recalled automatically is a component of a more complex task (Poncy et al., 2007).

A common theme I noticed in student reports was that many of our children would benefit from automatic recall of multiplication facts. So to help them out, I have decided to share my times table songs with the Kaleen Community. I apologise in advance for my off pitch singing and hope you find these tunes entertaining and useful. You can access them by clicking on the individual links below or by downloading the entire folder.

All times tables songs

1 times tables

2 times tables

3 times tables

4 times tables

5 times tables

6 times tables

7 times tables

8 times tables

9 times tables

10 times tables

Award Assembly

Today, we held our whole school awards assembly to celebrate our Term 2 learning and achievements. The Kaleen Spirit award is awarded to a student in each class for outstanding citizenship and fair play and the Golden Letter award is awarded to a student in each class to recognise outstanding effort and achievement. Thank you to the parents who attended and congratulations to all students on their achievements this term, and in particular, those who received these awards. Photos will follow in the next newsletter, when our official photographer returns to work. Please join me in congratulating the following students.

Kindergarten - Ella C, Maxton B, Aiza D, Roxy G, Marie S & Sienna F

Year 1 - Tomoki H, Ayvah O, Nina H, Jai M, Lottie L & Caleb P

Year 2 - Joshua S, Ryan L, Ameya E, Tasnia C, Aashna P & Addison O

Year 3 - Hayley S, Ziying W, Stella H, Campbell K, Kenji L & Ruby C

Year 4 - Carson K, Charlotte J, Elliette T, Fe'ao M, Zoe B & Isaac M

Year 5 - Emma H, Hannah A, Alice C, Rory D, Eva L & Mekhi O

Year 6 - Eva S, Sachin L, Joaz A, Annie L, Lavinia M & Lydia W

Have a happy and safe holiday and I look forward to seeing you again next term.

Bye for now,

Chris Shaddock


Family Reading Before School

Our library is opened each morning from 8:30am - 9:00am for ‘Family Reading’ time. This is a valuable time to read with your child before school and to keep out of the cold winter mornings while you wait for the school day to start. All children in the library must be accompanied and supervised by their parent/carer.


All students in Years 2-6 received a note about ICAS assessments for 2019. As mentioned in previous newsletters, these assessments will now be completed online. If you would like your child to participate, please go to and enter our unique school code 2781f987c3 to purchase the assessments that you would like your child to complete. Online payment will close on 31 July 2019. Please note that the assessments will be conducted at 8:15am on the day of the scheduled assessment. All students will need to be at Kaleen Primary School to complete the task. Unfortunately, due to it being online, we will not be able to make up missed assessments.

Awesome Authors in KKH

Children in KKH have been enjoying some wonderful narratives about owls, so much they decided to write their own stories! First, they wrote a draft with a beginning, middle and ending. Then, they looked at the draft and thought of two or three interesting words to add – perhaps a colour or size word or words like ‘Ouch!’ or ‘Oh no!’ (because exclamation marks are fun in a story!). The children read their stories for Ms Harris to type (real authors publish typed books). The children created an illustration and also made beautiful covers in art to match their stories. The students are very proud of their stories and their ability to read their own work. To celebrate our books, we had a 'Book Show' in the library. All our books were displayed on the shelf and when some special guests came, they were able to spot the new series of stories in the library. Children read their stories to the guests… and every book deserved a shiny sticker – just like real books sometimes get awards for being extra good! What a wonderful celebration of books and reading!


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Cooking Classes

Year 5 have been enjoying some pleasurable food experiences in our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden cooking classes. Here, students are working in teams to create spanakopita, salad of the imagination, cucumber and dill dip with veggie sticks. Most of the ingredients were picked from our gardens. Students are really enjoying the connection from paddock to plate.

ACTSmart Schools Enormous Easter Egg Competition

You might remember collecting your Easter Egg foil earlier this year. Well, Kaleen Primary was one of seven schools to win a prize for collecting the most foil and forming it into the largest foil ball. In total, 21 Primary Schools registered and over 10 thousand students participated. As a result of all of your efforts, 44.55kg of Easter egg foil has been saved from landfill. This is HUGE. Congratulations! ACT Smart Schools awarded us with this prepaid recycling box for pens, pencils and markers. So now these items won’t fill up our landfill. Another success for our war on waste.

Good going Green Team!

Waste Sort

Did you know that each class at Kaleen Primary is involved in a waste sort at least once a term? Here are some photos of 5RL doing an amazing job sorting resources last week. Once everything is in the right bin, we can recycle 90% of all our lunch waste at school. We also collect 10c bottles for the Container Deposit Scheme and we have already made over $300.

National Tree Day

National Tree Day, organised by Planet Ark Australia, is a new whole school sustainability event on our Kaleen school calendar.

Since beginning in 1996, National Tree Day, has become Australia's largest community tree planting and nature protection event, with the aim being to try and help plant a million new native trees and shrubs across the country. There is a community held National Tree Day on Sunday 28 July as well as the Schools National Tree Day held on Friday 26 July.

As a school on Friday 26 July, we will be planting 8 trees to create a carbon forest in line with our Sustainability program and hosting a viewing of ‘The Lorax’ – a children’s movie highlighting the importance of trees.

We are also offering the following competitions

Photography Section

Take a clever photo of a tree of your choice and in doing so capture its true beauty. Your photo will be backed and displayed for all to view and appreciate.

Drawing/Painting Section

Draw, sketch or paint a picture of a special tree which catches your attention. These entries will be judged on effort, care and presentation. Please submit your entry on an A4 sized page.

Writing Section

Turn your love of trees into a poem, persuasive argument or short story (of length no more than two pages) and weave some magic through a form of writing. This section will be judged on descriptive language, care with presentation and originality of ideas.

Sculpture Section

Using some resources from around the home create a 3D sculpture of a tree. This section will be judged on presentation, obvious effort and originality of ideas.

Submit your entry to the Year 5 teacher’s office by Friday 5 July, Week 10. The winners will be announced on Friday 26 July, Week 1, Term 3, National Trees Day.

Thank You Bunnings!

A HUGE shout out to Bunnings. Thanks so much for your $120 grant for these composting tools. Bunnings donated brooms, leaf claws, rakes and compost mixers to help with composting in our kitchen garden. This will help us meet our zero food waste goals and support us in turning leaf litter into compost for our garden beds. How awesome is that!

G.A.T.E.WAYS Writing Workshop

A few weeks ago, a number of our students were selected to attend a whole day writing workshop through the G.A.T.E.WAYS network. The school received feedback from the program coordinators who were most impressed by the Kaleen Primary students' level of creative expression, advanced vocabulary and ability to write imaginatively.

Three of our students were identified as ‘stand-out’ students for the following reasons:

  • Outstanding engagement and thrived when required to be original and imaginative
  • Outstanding use of higher order thinking skills
  • Offered creative and unique ideas to the writing process
  • Advanced vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Keen, collaborative and alert participation

Congratulations Elfin M, Michael S and Zaric Z. Keep up the great work!

Heroes' Corner

If you would like to have your child’s achievements acknowledged here, please email a short blurb to



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