English T: 2020 Term 2

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English T Return to School Transition Information

From Week 14, content and activities will be posted as usual every Monday on the Classroom and website. Students will still submit weekly activities to demonstrate engagement, participate in the course and prepare for assessment items.

Each week whether students are on site or not, students will be expected to:

  • Check the Classroom and website for the week’s announcements and activities

  • Complete assigned class activities

  • Work on assessment tasks

  • Ask clarifying questions on the content provided/assignments

  • Email teachers with questions or concerns

  • Manage time and allocate 4 hours minimum for English T classwork

From week 14 students will have the opportunity to return to GNGC for their double classes.

During classes on campus students in English T will be able to:

  • Complete assigned class activities

  • Work on assessment tasks

  • Ask clarifying questions on the content provided/assignments

In week 14 we will have our regularly scheduled opt-in Google Meet session. 2pm for Year 11 and 2:30pm for Year 12. The code will be found in the Classroom banner shortly before the session starts. Depending on attendance we will decide then whether there is need for another session in week 15. As weeks 16 and 17 have public holidays on the Monday, there will be NO Google Meets in those weeks.

Please be reassured that students who are unable to return to campus will not be disadvantaged as no new content will be delivered in English T classes and all relevant materials will continue to be posted on Classroom and the website. Please email your classroom teacher if you have any further questions or concerns.

The Course Development Team

The English T course development team consists of:

The course development team will be working closely with your Term 1 teachers, who will be marking your assessment.

How this course is being delivered

We're in the process of finalising exactly how the semester will look. For the moment:

  • Lessons will take place on Mondays, 12:30-4pm, but that doesn't mean you need to get all the work done in that small block.

  • Instructions will be pre-recorded, and it will be up to you to check the week's instructions, review the activities, and work through them.

  • Dropboxes will be setup on Google Classroom, where you will be expected to submit your work for each activity.

  • Your 'attendance' will be tracked by your completion of this work

  • Contact for clarification can be made via email or Google Classroom

    • At this stage there will be no live Google Meets

  • At the end of each set of activities there will be a Verso feedback form to complete

    • The team will then make a video answering all of the common questions that come up, and post that on Google Classroom and the course website.

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