• Community Picnic (Sat 5th November)

  • Year 3 & 4 Birrigai Long Day Camp - 9am-4:45pm (Mon 7th November)

  • Possums Kinder Transition Visit - 10:15-11:15am (Mon 7th November)

  • Possums Aviary Excursion (8th November)

  • Wombats Kinder Transition Visit - 12:30-1:30pm (Thurs 10th November)

  • Wombats Aviary Excursion (Fri 11th November)

  • Possums Kinder Transition Visit - 10:15-11:15am (Mon 14th November)

  • Year 5 & 6 Human Rights Incursion - 9am-1pm (Thurs 17th November)

  • Wombats Kinder Transition Visit - 12:30-1:30pm (Thurs 17th November)

  • Year 2 Human Rights Incursion - 9am-1pm (Fri 18th November)

Did you know?

You can find notes on our website. Click on the link below to find a school note!

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World Teacher's Day

On Friday 28th of October we celebrated World Teacher's Day, acknowledging the incredible work our teachers do each day to give our students the best future possible. Our teachers have shown great resilience over the last few years working hard to help our students learn and grow. Thank you to our incredible teachers at Duffy for their hard work and dedication in helping mould future generations to be the best they can be.

Children's Week & Grandfriends Afternoon

What an amazing turnout we had at out Grandfriends afternoon yesterday. Our students were very excited and proud to spend time with their grandfriend reading, sharing afternoon tea and showing them around to celebrate Children’s week.

Thank you to our Grandfriends who attended, especially those who travelled to join us. We are very lucky to have such a strong, welcoming and supportive community. Thank you to our Year 6 School Leaders Claire, Emma, Jayde, Milica, Maxim, Bella, Rosa, Harry, Max, Amber and Indi for welcoming our Grandfriends to our school and taking them to meet their grandchild. We are proud to have such responsible and respectful leaders of Duffy.

Twilight Community Picnic

Tomorrow, Saturday 5 November our P&C are holding the Twilight Community Picnic from 3pm -6pm with the raffle prizes to be drawn. Thank you to our amazing P&C for all the work and time they have put in to make this happen. We look forward to seeing you there!

Year 3 & 4 Birrigai Long Day Camp

On Monday 7th November our Year 3 and 4 students are heading off to Birrigai for a long day camp. They will be engaging in a variety of interactive learning activities including a sensory bushwalk with nature art activities, Indigenous focus campfire and shelter building, adventure bushwalk and crate club with team trek. We can wait to hear about what they have learnt and the highlights of their day.

Students in Kindergarten to Year 5 Classes

Now is the time we begin our initial planning for the 2023 school year. If you have a child in Kindergarten to Year 5 who WILL NOT BE ATTENDING Duffy Primary School in 2023, could you please email your child’s name, class and where they will be attending in 2023 to info@duffyps.act.edu.au as soon as possible.

Academic Reports

ACT public schools have commenced preparing student reports for Semester 2, 2022. The Education Directorate has again made the decision that student academic reports will be provided with an overall A-E grade, and an assessment of achievement standard statements on a 5-point scale. Reports will not include detailed teacher comments. This strategy supports schools to prioritise teaching and learning as we continue to manage workload pressures due to COVID-19 and other illness.

Our teachers will continue communicating directly with families about student learning and you are encouraged to speak with your child's teacher if you have any questions about their progress. Duffy Primary School will be inviting all families in for end of semester interview in Week 9, Term 4.


Arilia Abell


Duffy Primary School


Wow, where did the first three terms go?

Year 4 have had a very busy start to the last term of the year. We had an awesome opportunity to display our projects where we focussed on initial contact between Europeans and Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders. It was a fantastic chance to display our work to our parents and carers and a big thank you to everyone who came in to see our work, we really enjoyed it.

In Numeracy sessions, we have continued our focus on making connections between fractions and decimals and equivalent fractions. We have also been looking at how we convert between units of time and answering word based problems on elapsed time. In Science, we have been conducting experiments about different forces. You can ask us at home about the slingshots that we created using bottle lids and elastic bands.

During Literacy lessons, we have been looking at poetry and the many different forms it can take. We have experimented with our vocabulary and tried to create emotional response’s in our poetry. We have been trying to include lots of humour. We experimented creating our own tongue twisters. There are a few examples below, give them a go and see if you can say them quickly. There is also some examples of emotional poetry.


Principal Awards

Patricia M - 1RP

Alienna G - 3LH

Isaac G - 1RP

Aren G - 4RP

Summer M - 3GK

Merit Awards

Alexander S - KCR

Henry W - KCR

Ethan M - KDL

Edward P - KDL

Willy M - KKW

Tashi D - KKW

Alexander H - KRW

Jaxon R - KRW

Alexandro T - 1SF

Wyatt G - 1SF

Finn W - 1RP

Kanyapak Thongsom - 1RP

Koli T - 2SB

Pihu S - 2SB

Ossain M - 2RT

Elsie P - 2RT

Rayna M - 2KR

Mackenzie W - 2KR

Carter S - 2KR

Layla R - 3GK

Mila K - 3GK

Jarrah B - 4BS

Ella B - 4BS

Chantelee R - 4TS

Georgie E - 4TS

Skye H - 5CM

Adele M - 5CM

Benjamin E - 5SZ

Armeexay S - 5SZ

Suriyo S - 6LK

Owen S - 6LK

Jayde W - 6ZG

Sofia M - 6ZG

Gold Spirit Awards

Bimsen E - KCR

Ethan M - KDL

Willy M - KKW

Adele C - KKW

Harry P - 2RT

Sophie L - 2RT

Eden C - 3GK

Flynn H - 3GK

Ashton H - 3LH

Tamati T - 3LH

Fergus S - 3LH

Duane S - 3LH

Nate M - 3LH

Sam M - 3LH

Poppy T - 4BS

Jarrah B - 4BS

Lizzie P - 4BS

Chester D - 4RP

Anuhas E - 4RP

Nina A - 5CM

Cailin R - 5CM

Adele M - 5CM

Athena L - 5CM

Eddie D - 5SZ

Silver Spirit Awards

Eevi Y - KCR

Toby M - KCR

River M - KCR

Levi C - KCR

Joey S - KKW

Abi H - KRW

Sarah G - KRW

Damien C - 1RP

Isaac G - 1RP

Bella K - 1RP

Jessica B - 1RP

Lewis A - 1RP

Poppy F - 1SF

Jacob R - 1SF

Finley W - 1SF

Hannah M - 1SF

Melody M - 1SF

Hashir K - 1SF

Dale S - 1SF

Caleb K - 4RP

Eliza C - 4RP

Elke W - 4RP

Matthew L - 4RP

Aren G - 4RP

Ella B - 4RP

Patrick K - 5CM

Alex M - 5CM

Thomas I - 5CM

Kieran O - 5CM

Bronze Spirit Awards

Taya S - 4BS


Prime Minister




Duffy Primary Twilight Community Picnic -

Saturday 5th November, 3pm – 6pm

We look forward to seeing families and friends at the school tomorrow, Saturday 5th November 2022, from 3pm-6pm. This will be a fun-filled event for the whole family so don’t miss out!

There will be a range of stalls including baked goods, plants for sales and a second handbook stall. Donations can be made on the day between 2pm and 3pm. All proceeds will go toward funding various projects at the school.

We are still seeking some volunteers to help things run smoothly. Please indicate your availability to pitch in (even if it is for just part of the timeslot) here

There are contingencies in place in case of poor weather. See you there!

From the Uniform Shop

Thanks to parents and friends for their continued support of the Uniform Shop. As we approach the end of the year (how is it already term 4?!?!?!), we wanted to get in touch with the following messages:

  • The best time to order uniforms for 2023 is now! Avoid the stress and fluster of the end of the year (when you are already stressed and flustered about eleventy other things) and go into the summer holidays knowing that you've got next year's uniforms sorted. If your child's uniforms are starting to feel a bit small, or if you are expecting a growth spurt over the break, get in front of it and have the next size ready to go!

  • The Uniform Shop does not open in week 10. The last orders for the year will be filled in week 9, Friday 9 December, for orders placed by 5pm on Thursday 8 December. Any orders placed after that time will be held over to 2023.

  • A rack of uniform items has been taken to pre-school for families to decide what items you might like to purchase for next year. Please place your order through Flexischools, noting the cut-off dates above.

  • The Uniform Shop will open for face-to-face trade on the Fridays of weeks 7 and 9, from 8.30-9.00. Parents will have the opportunity to look through the pre-loved items.

  • We hope to open the Uniform Shop in the week before school commences next year, but will not be able to confirm this until much closer to the time. Please keep an eye on the P&C's Facebook page from mid-late January for details.

Winter dress - seeking parent feedback

We are considering adding a winter pinafore-style dress to the Uniform Shop's range of items. The dress would be made of a thick fabric, possibly wool, and would require a polo shirt, skivvy or other long-sleeved top to be worn underneath. This dress is likely to cost approximately $50.

We are seeking feedback from parents as to whether this is an item you would purchase for your child to wear to school. We have created a single question survey, asking this question, and would appreciate your responses.

Super-fast survey about a winter dress


Find the Duffy Primary Parents and Citizens Association on




Don’t forget that the lovely staff at Baker’s Delight Cooleman Court give the school store credits for every purchase made. These credits help us run events like school barbeques and other fundraising events.

Don’t forget to mention Duffy

Primary BEFORE your purchase.




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