Daily Message

April 3, 2020

Students: Question about an assignment? Please email me at christine.zahary@ecsd.net

Hello Everyone! Lessons for today are listed below. Go to the Google Classroom (Zahary 6A 2109-2020) to access.

Activities for April 3: Today is a catch up day. I am looking for the writing and math assignments from yesterday to be completed first. (Both had Friday due dates so these are not late.) If you already finished and submitted them yesterday, I have posted new activities for you below.

1. Language Arts/Writing: If you have not finished your Fun News Story from April 2, please complete and submit in GC.

2. Math: This is the same lesson from yesterday. If you are done, please disregard. If you are not done, please submit the assigned work by end of day today.

Preservation of Equality with Variable Equations. See details below.

Instruction: I have posted 2 levels of instructional tutorials in GC. The level 1 tutorial is fine and reflects grade-level expectations. If you want more of a challenge, do the level 2 tutorial as well.

Assigned Work: There is one math assignment posted in GC. Both level options are on it. Complete the level you are capable of (or both.) Submit/turn in by end of day Friday.

New Assignments for April 3

Health: Friday Reflection. How did the week go? If you are able, go over this list of assignments to discuss with a parent. Did you complete them? Are you happy with the quality of work you did? Do you have a goal for next week? This does not need to be submitted.

1. Literacy: Did you read every day? Did you complete 1-2 reflections?

2. LA: Musk Ox article (from before spring break), Journal Assignment (Mon), What's going on in this picture? (Tues), Article Analysis (Wed), Fun News Story (Thurs-Fri)

3. Math: Page 35 TB, 12-13 WB (Mon), Page 38-39 #1-4 TB (Wed), Preservation Worksheet (Thurs-Fri)

Art: Photography skills. See lesson in GC on "rule of thirds." You may submit if you wish, but it is not required.


Part 1: In your visual journal (the big white ones) please start a page for writing down things you are grateful for. Try 4 statements today. While this is a strange time for everyone, it can be helpful to pick out the good things going on around us. e.g. "I am grateful that I have a comfortable home during this time."

Part 2: As part of our Lenten journey, we would normally give alms. While we may not be out doing charitable works right now, a great activity to do is an act of service. I would like you to perform an act of service for your family. Maybe you clean a closet or pantry, or prepare a meal. Or perhaps you write a letter of thanks to a sibling or parent. This does not need to be documented or submitted to me.