Seussical the Musical

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Show Dates: May 31 and June 1.

This Calendar will be updated weekly with rehearsals and Extra Practices. Please check often for adjustments and changes

Hello Seuss parents!

We are one week away from the show! This will be a long email (sorry!) but I have some important information to share about our upcoming week.


We are offering Seussical Cast t-shirts for the cast to purchase. Please following the link for the order form.

T-shirts will cost $17

Make-up: Birds girls will have bright colored eyeshadow and lips, but all other cast members are not required to have makeup. A smokey eye, a little blush and a neutral lip is suggested for those interested in applying make-up. Males interested in applying make-up please just use foundation and contour, a smokey eye is not necessary.


We will be having a long rehearsal after school. We will be running from 12:15-4. These runs will include lights and sound and mics! Please make sure your child brings a lunch. If you have some available time I would appreciate 2 parent volunteers to help supervise students in the learning commons.


The show is at 1:00. If you haven't bought tickets yet please go to the storefront on powerschool to purchase your tickets.

During the day, students will have lunch and then meet with me to prepare for the show.

After our show students will clean up, and go back to class. There is no formal supper set up for tonight. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE BACK AT SCHOOL AT 5:00. I will be at the school with any students who desire to stay in between the shows.


the first show is at 1:00 STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AT SCHOOL FOR 12:00. Students will prepare for the show. After the show if you wish to take your child out for lunch that is fine but STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AT SCHOOL FOR 5:00. I will be staying at school for those students who are not leaving in between.

After the last show,

Nicole Bradley and Jennifer Postma have graciously offered to organize a cast party. Here is a note from them.

Seussical Closing Night Party

Cast and crew of Seussical The Musical are invited to attend a short Closing Night celebration on Saturday, June 1st immediately after the 6pm Performance. Guests are welcome to be present while the children enjoy some special treats and drinks that will be prepared especially for them in the Learning Common.

Commonly asked questions

Will we be supplying food between the shows? No, we will not. Please pack a supper, microwaves are available.

Will there be tickets at the door?

Yes, we will have tickets at the door but we will only be accepting cash.

Will there be a concession?

Yes, we will be selling water and candy at the door. Cash only please.

Is it assigned seating?

No, but we will be giving saving cards for those that need to save a couple of seats for those who are unable to stand in line.

Can I take pictures?

There will be no flash photography, as it is distracting and blinding for the students. If you wish to take picture it will have to be without a flash and from the seat of your chair. No standing and walking will be permitted during the show.

What if my child isn't cast in this show are they expected to be there?

Yes, they are needed to help their cast mates with changes and lines in the off chance they miss one. This is a team event just like Soccer and Dance and it is imperative that we support each other.

Will there be an intermission?

No, our show is only 1 hour.

Can I help?

I am looking for help to supervise during shows and help supervise the concesson. If you are able to help at one of the shows please email me.

Emily Belke

Grade 4B St. Paul School

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

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